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Tom Leu, M.S. is a Member of the National Speakers Association (NSA), and a Certified Professional Coach (CPC)…



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Writer, Speaker, ‘Head-Rocker’

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Tom Leu, MS/CPC

Communications & Recovery Writer, Speaker & Seminar Leader

Radio Host & Pro Photographer


WHAT? I write and speak about communications, psychology, recovery, and rock ‘n roll topics. Distinct, yet intimately interrelated subject matter. Radio show & podcast tag line: Entertaining Sound Matters in Music, Communication, & Motivation… I teach hard truths about soft skills through Lifestyle Initiative Training™ techniques, insights, and strategies designed to help people get unstuck, out of ruts, and to overcome, rise above, and achieve. I talk shiFt and implore audiences to improve; to change; to fix that which ails them because we all can, and should…

Sound Matters Radio-PODCAST Episodes:

FOR WHO? The 5% who strive to be better intra- and interpersonal communicators, and therefore better equipped to recover from any vices, devices, or distractions; people or perceptions that are limiting their personal or professional growth.

WHY? Because we only get to go once around the ride, and the world, now more than ever, needs the best we have to offer to others, and to ourselves, each and every day. >> My MANIFESTO.

HOW? I talk shiFt™ through live and online presentations, seminars, courses, coaching, videos and podcasts. These vehicles deliver content that encourages necessary change, and does so with a decidedly deliberate rock n’ roll look, sound, and feel consistent with my background and experience, past and present. >> ABOUT.

WHAT ELSE? The SOUND MATTERS Radio Show broadcasting on 1440 WROK, with a comprehensive show site with podcast episode archives launched in 2017. And a new book will be released 2018 as well. Stay tuned-in 

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