RockStar:60 #14 “Someone Like You”

Adele’s monster hit song, “Someone Like You” shot a jolt of electricity directly through me within seconds of hearing it for the very first time. This very rarely happens…

It stopped me dead in my tracks with no choice but to just feel it… and then negotiate the pending tears.

Perhaps it was the moving piano, or the husky and soulful vocal, or the poignant and universal story of love lost and found.

Mostly, it’s all of it fused into a 4 minute mini-movie of any of our lives…

“Never mind; I’ll find someone like you; I wish nothing but the best for you…” ~ Adele

It turns out there might be scientific, psychological, and physiological reasons why the song is such a tear-jerker

Whatever the cause, this is art worth pursuing.

That which is so real, so honest, and so instantly emotional that few who experience it can deny its power.

Make someone FEEL something, and you have their attention.

This is THE way to truly communicate for impact. Authenticity and transparency is required.

It’s a form of Communichology™.

It’s shocking to the system because it rings so true to those tuned-in.

This is the type of content and output I’m impelled and aspire to produce.

Come what may… for someone just like you.

Stay tuned-in…

Tom Leu is a photojournalist, professional speaker, media personality, and musician. A member of the National Speakers Association, Tom talks shiFt™ delivering choice words about the social psychology of Music, Marketing, Motivation, & Communcation.

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