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Interview: Brian “Head” Welch of KoRn

"Head" Welch from KoRn... if his name and band aren't attention-getting enough, his diverse talents (even beyond his work in KoRn) definitely are... Read More »
Tom Leu | 18 May 2016 | Interviews, Rock 'n Roll | No Comments   

Why Your Band Won’t Make It

(and what you can do about it…) The Musician’s Corner® > Psychology for Success In Music FYI – This post is long. It’s a rare exception to my typical Get In-Get Out blogging format. Know that upfront and decide whether or not to invest... Read More »
Thomas Leu | 21 February 2016 | Psychology, Rock 'n Roll | 5 Comments   

Interview: Bun E. Carlos of Cheap Trick

As the drummer for Cheap Trick, Bun E. Carlos embodies the essence of a "rock star" more figuratively than literally... Read More »
Tom Leu | 13 April 2015 | Interviews, Rock 'n Roll | No Comments