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Call to Action

So many are scared… to make a move… a real move… in the right direction… Sometimes we can be our greatest ally and our own worst enemy simultaneously. Many folks long to live more fully, more freely, to feel more... Read More »
Tom Leu, MS | 01 April 2012 | talk shiFt | 1 Comment   

Tool Time-Part 1

I see it and hear it everywhere, all of the time. Chronic, crappy communication happening between people offline and online via voice mail, email, text, tweet, nonverbal, and face-to-face interactions everyday, in every way. This is Tool Time… Most aren’t... Read More »
Tom Leu, MS | 29 February 2012 | Communications, talk shiFt | No Comments   

Action Over Apprehension

Think about this: Knowing how to run assumes you’re already walking.  In terms of success in life, many people think they’re running when in fact they’re barely walking; some aren’t even standing yet. So how do you turn your passion into... Read More »
Tom Leu, MS | 14 February 2012 | talk shiFt | No Comments   

Willis Power?

I see and hear so many posts and announcements proclaiming people’s big and small life decisions made because it’s “obedience to god’s will for my life.” Really? “Whatchu talkin ’bout Willis?” This is yet another episode airing on the Delusion... Read More »
Tom Leu, MS | 23 December 2011 | talk shiFt | No Comments   

Stop Complaining, Get Pissed, & Grow a Pair

This piece is for those (of us) who benefit from getting the cage rattled a little bit sometimes. If you can't handle that, then you should consider clicking off. No harm, no foul... Read More »
Tom Leu, MS | 13 December 2011 | talk shiFt | 2 Comments   
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