communicHOLOGYCommunichology™ = Where communication and psychology collide. A dynamic discipline studying the artistic and scientific intersection of influential communication skills and persuasive psychology strategies.

Communichologists talk shiFt, and teach how compelling communication skills married with provocative psychological insights produce relevant real-world results.

As a college instructor for many years, I always told my students: “Everyone is in sales.” (Lots of skeptical looks always ensued…)

Whether you’re selling a product, a service, or yourself as a product or a service – we’re all in the sales business – selling something to somebody somewhere.

It flows in the following order: Communication → Influence → Persuasion → Sales

1) It starts with effective communication that’s compelling and influential.

2) The art of influence then turns into…

3) The science of persuasion that moves people to do what you want them to do… then

4) “Sales” happens.

Kevin Hogan, a leader in the fields of influence and persuasion, reports the following:

What is persuasion? Persuasion is the purpose and intention of communication.

“If I can persuade, I can move the universe.”Frederick Douglass

Everyone communicates with intentions (desiring a certain outcome). But not all communicate particularly well verbally, nonverbally, or written – to bring their intentions to full fruition.

Communication must be influential and persuasive to be great. And great communication also requires a keen understanding of human psychology and behavioral tendencies for it to be the most effective and allow a person to excel personally and professionally.

Can you be influential and not persuasive? Yes. (i.e. the lame-duck president of the company who has authority to make decisions, but inspires no one to greatness). Can you be persuasive and not influential? No. To persuade, by definition, is exerting influence – to move one in a direction; into action.

Unfortunately, little communication is truly influential → (having the potential power to convince or induce belief) – Influence is an art that has many forms, styles, and methods of delivery. Influence is the “what” of communication.

Influential communication has to build into persuasion → (cogent communication intended to move one to action) – Persuasion is a science with proven techniques and strategies. Persuasion is the “how” of communication.

Not all influential people can actually sell their ideas, close a deal, or peruade outcomes effectively. “Sales” is the result of powerful and persuasive influence. “Communichology presents the most effective strategies and techniques to be both influential and persuasive within your many interactions, circumstances, and situations. Why wouldn’t you…?

Stay tuned-in…

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