>> talk shiFt™ with Tom Leu Podcast

… an edgy exploration into Communications-Psychology (Communichology™) <> Calling out careless & complacent communication, bad behavior, & poisonous pop sulture psychology. Choice words on change, communications, recovery, & rock and roll… 

The podcast also talks about the key concepts and “success psychology” within music, marketing, and motivation to rock your business, brand, or band. It’s about crushing complacency, acquiring killer communication skills, kicking “addictions,” and recovering from recovery.

“Insisting on the need for recognizing, committing to, and initiating the ongoing positive shiFts and changes necessary for maximum personal and professional growth.” It’s about communications and recovery; and recovery communications. (think Tony Robbins meets Tommy Lee)…

shiFt what? Self-corruption through compartmentalized thinking and confirmation bias. shiFt what? Self-inflicted idiocy, along with the audacity and the arrogance of self-delusion.

“Seeking new perspectives and distinctions to analyze and expand understanding. Having the courage to question, challenge, learn, and grow.” 

Premise: So many are caught in self-destructive cycles of delusion… either over-estimating assets and under-estimating deficits. I’m a big fan of taking initiative and a big foe of complacency. But we all get down sometimes, but it doesn’t mean we’re out. Far from it. Everyone needs a kickstart once in awhile… Enter the “talk shiFt™ podcast.” It’s motivational, it’s educational, it’s entertaining, & it’s edgy.

Biographies of the “successful” people have always inspired and encouraged me. These shows also feature mini-biographies of folks who “rock” in the real-world, the movers, shakers & decision-makers. I interview all kinds of people on this show. Some you’ve heard of, many you haven’t yet, but possibly will. The goal is to get energized, encouraged, and inspired by hearing others’ stories, trials, tribulations, and successes.

I like to learn about people’s journey’s. How they got from point A to point Z… How it began, and what it is now, but more importantly what happened along the way? What moved them then to undertake their great undertakings? What moved them to make big changes when necessary? What moved them to carry-on even in the face of doubt and defeat? What moves them now to overcome challenges and set-backs? What continues to move them and keep them going?

If you’re into interviews, insights, inspiration, innovation, & influence, you’ll like these. If you like edgy, educational, entertaining, & occasionally indignant, insolent, & impudent content, you’ll like these.

Show themes; recurring features & segments:

→ Compelling, Provocative, and Relevant Lifestyle Initiative Training™ topics.

→ Motivation: Accentuating the inspirational & the optimistic.

→ Communications: Emphasizing the techniques to improve verbal & nonverbal skills , along with critical emotional and social intelligence competencies.

→ Influence: Focusing on the art & science of “Communichology™.”→ Recovery: uncovering the ruts we get in, and then discovering the drive necessary to get out of the ditches.

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What people are saying about the talk shiFt Podcast…

“Shear brilliance! Motivational philosophy, eloquently direct.” ~ CiJay Pikula

“RockStarWay is an interesting new concept… think Tony Robbin’s motivation crossed with Eddie Trunk or Dee Snider’s marketing pizazz. Consistently interesting quotes, articles and thoughts on getting ahead and living like a REAL rock star!” ~ Legendary Rock Interviews

“Our friend Tom Leu a noted speaker/writer/musician has a new page witha pretty interesting premise… motivational content with a rock and roll twist. Imagine Tony Robbins crossed with Alice Cooper and you’d be in the right ballpark. Thoughts on getting things DONE and getting AHEAD through realistic means.” ~ John Parks

“Tom Leu, author, musician, photographer, and ‘RockStar’ in many arenas, speaks to keeping it real. To thine own dreams be true. Play to win!” ~ CiJay Pikula

“Being a guest on the show with Tom Leu felt like an episode of ‘Inside the Actor’s Studio.’ Great questions; great conversation. I came away from the interview feeling very fulfilled.” ~ Michael Corin

“RockStarWay author, Tom Leu, has a masterful way of taking complex ideas and relaying them in understandable, easily digestable terms. Eloquently simple, he writes on the “how” to take steps toward being that inner RockStar that you know you are. On a grander scale, steps toward creating that idealic world we’ve all dreamt of at one time or another.” ~ CiJay Pikula

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Stay tuned-in…

Tom Leu, MS, CPC is a professional speaker, radio host, photographer, musician, and ‘head-rocker’ at www.tomleu.comwww.16imaging.com, & www.rock22.netTom is a member of the National Speakers Association and “talks shiFt” sharing his Communichology™ insights & strategies.