A healthy rant is required for me to keep my sanity to tolerate the incessant amount of fucking know-it-all assholes I seem to encounter semi-regularly. No, I’m definitely NOT one of these arrogant, puffed-up, chest-beating, blow-hards. Why? Because, I... Read More »
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Taking Sides

It’s refreshing to hear from people who are more positive than negative.  Who are more “can do” than “cannot” focused. Who are more solution-seeking rather than problem-perpetuating. It’s encouraging to see those who are more upbeat rather than downtrodden.... Read More »
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Free for All’in

Oh how I love the days right before, and/or right after any quasi-big social or cultural happening occurs: i.e. political elections, high-profile trials, celebrity deaths, or significant sporting events for example. It’s during these times that many seemingly hidden... Read More »
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Retire Your Representative

How often does your representative show up? > You know, that person who is merely a version of you… not the real you. > You know, the more politically-correct, diplomatic version of you who attempts to keep up with... Read More »
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I Want You, Too

If you want people to do things that you want them to do, NEVER start with… “I want you to…” Here’s a real example of what NOT to say: “Hey everyone: Just a reminder to come out to __(place)__ tonight.... Read More »
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Under A Rock?

For those who “put it out there;” those who contribute to the world, not just consume; those who have the nuts to take risks; those who refuse to live under a fucking rock their whole life… here’s some great advice from... Read More »
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4 “Black Flag” Phrases

You know you’ve heard these phrases before… Perhaps you’ve likely said them yourself… I call them “black flag” phrases, and you should be very afraid of them… These statements are communication suicide for practitioners, though they usually don’t realize... Read More »
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Walking Contradictions

So many people are fucking walking contradiction’s of themselves. Hypocrisy is another word for this, and runs rampant in the world. You’ve got your atheists who pray to their “god,” your Christians who cuss, smoke, drink and screw outside... Read More »
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The 5%

A lot of well-intentioned folks are afraid of truth; afraid to get honest and look at things objectively. Based on a butt-load of personal experience and a bit of psychology, my bet is that 95% of people are. I... Read More »
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The Realization

The realization… that your “voice” isn’t being heard. The realization… that your ideas are as important as anyone else’s. The realization… that everyone’s favorite subject is themselves. The realization… that this reality will remain until an audience is cultivated.... Read More »
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The Loud Talker

Ah yes, the “loud-talker” in public… you know who I’m talking about… hopefully it’s not you. This is an interesting breed of apparently oblivious (though not always), self-indulgent gems who make it their mission to ensure EVERYONE within earshot... Read More »
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