Assumption Gumption

Tom Leu

assumptionsWhat happened…

Restaurant Customer: (scrolling on her phone frustratedly says aloud)… “Psalm 27…? Why do people do that…? Yet another scripture Facebook status!”

Waiter: (exuberantly replying after overhearing only the concluding sentence)… Oh I love that one!

RC: (taken off-guard)… What, Psalm 27?

W: Yes, it’s a song in my heart!

RC: (mildly shocked at the quickly formed false-assumption of a shared common interest)… You wrote a song about a scripture?

W: (proudly)… Well, I have it memorized in my heart and then the Lord gave me a melody to go along with it.

RC: I see.

W: Where do you go to church?

RC: (with direct eye contact)… I don’t.

W: (surprised, now aware of his overreach, but yet unaware of his outward nonverbal display of sympathetic condescension)… Oh… looking around then?

RC: (with direct eye contact and firm resolve)… Nope. Used to go, but don’t anymore.

W: (embarassed pause searching for an appropriate response)… Oh, I’m sorry if I offended you.

RC: (smiling)… No, not at all.

W: So, are you ready to order…?

What should have happened…

Restaurant Customer: (scrolling on her phone frustratedly says aloud)… “Psalm 27…? Why do people do that…? Yet another scripture Facebook status!”

Waiter: (cautiously)… Are you a fan of the Psalms?

RC: Nope. Not my area of interest.

W: I see. Are you ready to order?

Have the gumption to supervise your assumptions. This proactive activity will prevent the unnecessary foot-on-mouth disease from rearing its ugly head at inopportune times. It also makes you a touch less of tool in social settings.

Stay tuned-in…

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