Tom Leu on the Empower_Good Podcast

Check out my appearance on the Empower_Good Podcast with host, Joel Moutray: Stay tuned-in…     Like, Share, & Follow... Read More »
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58 I believe most of us take time for granted. We subconsciously believe we have ALL the time in the world. We believe we’ll get to this, or that, later because we assume we will have a “later” to... Read More »
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41 It’s hard to fake sincerity and genuineness of soul. When people really love something, or love to do something, it shows. It’s unmistakable. You can feel it and you can see it. It’s infectious as well as inspiring.... Read More »
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3 To be truly effective, contemplate and commit to having the audacity to contribute to others in selfless ways. Ways that are way outside of your personal comfort zone, despite any or all uncertainty. Challenge what I call the... Read More »
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