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43 The pursuit of original ideas is a noble one. I welcome coming up with clever new ways of doing things well. It’s serendipitious to uncover and discover novel ideas that spark imagination and encourage excellence. But sometimes, the... Read More »
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42 The concept of “dream-stealing” is one I’ve written and talked about quite a bit over the years. I don’t have too many of these folks in my life (anymore), but more will crop up, they always do. I’ve... Read More »
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41 It’s hard to fake sincerity and genuineness of soul. When people really love something, or love to do something, it shows. It’s unmistakable. You can feel it and you can see it. It’s infectious as well as inspiring.... Read More »
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40 In addition to writing and speaking professionally, I’ve been working as a professional photographer for several years now. I love the centeredness and serenity that photography has unexpectedly provided me over the years. But, my photography is evolving. Not because... Read More »
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39 Supervise your assumptions. They’re out-of-line at times. Some more than others. And some are certainly more addicted to certainty than others. No one likes to be thrust into uncomfortable situations due to a lack of awareness of the thoughts, feelings,... Read More »
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38 Positioning. Politicking. Panicking. It’s what people do; more or less; much of the time. This is all especially noticeable when change brings about uncertainty, unpredictability, and/or opportunity. Folks begin to behave in peculiar ways when the perception is... Read More »
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37 In business, a good majority of a manager’s time, hell… in most occupations, or just life in general, is spent delivering bad news to people. It’s telling people what they need to hear, not just what they want... Read More »
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36 I love fielding communication from those whom I call the “none of this applies to me” group. You know the type: those who are audaciously certain… about seemingly, everything. These know-it-all’s think they have all the answers. There’s no... Read More »
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35 Bitching. Moaning. Whining. Complaining. It’s all some people seem to do. It’s their identity and their attention-seeking mechanism. They’re quick to point out what sucks, what doesn’t work, why it’s never worked, and who’s to blame. They’re easy... Read More »
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34 Doubt… It creeps in. It lingers. It’s infectious and fucks with you if left unabated. No matter how many times it happens, or how much experience you have… a good dose of doubt can cripple the most confident... Read More »
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33 8 Steps to Get What You Want: 1) Know exactly what it is you’re after and why. More Clarity = Less Chaos. It doesn’t have to be just one thing, but it does have to be clearly your... Read More »
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32 Do you give as much consideration to the reception of your communication as you do the sending of it? Do you consider your wording (written or verbal) and its impact? Do you consider your vocal tone (intended or unintended)... Read More »
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31 How good…? Do you have to be…? To be good enough? Tough questions. Easy answer… You and I must be as good, or better, as our situations call for. What do I mean? I mean you and I... Read More »
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30 Change nothing… expect nothing to change. This is regularly expressed, but rarely executed. Why? Because aside from the human need for variety and some uncertainty at times, the idea of change (especially changing ourselves) is an unwelcome intrusion.... Read More »
Tom Leu | 12 April 2018 | talk shiFt™ | 1 Comment   


29 Problem-solving, Part 2. It’s everyone’s job; everyday. Your value, and mine, is to attributed to, and proportional to the size of problems you and I can help others solve. So who are these others? Anyone and everyone you... Read More »
Tom Leu | 09 April 2018 | talk shiFt™ | 2 Comments   


28 Problem-solving, Part 1. It’s everyone’s job; everyday. It has to be because everyone has problems we most often need others to help us solve. The big distinction is the degree to which you and I project our problems... Read More »
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