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5 Do things happen for a reason, or do reasons make things happen? Read it again. It’s not word play. It’s the difference between fatalism (i.e. powerlessness) and determinism (i.e. cause & effect). In psychology, it’s referred to as... Read More »
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4 A scarcity mentality is fear-based ultimately, and the product of a learned, limited possibility perspective. Intellectually, this makes rational sense. This mentality says “protect what’s yours; minimize risk; play it safe.” Emotionally, this is hard as hell to reconcile... Read More »
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3 To be truly effective, contemplate and commit to having the audacity to contribute to others in ways that are way outside of your personal comfort zone despite any or all uncertainty. Challenge what I call the nobody from... Read More »
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2 Discipline used to be a dirty word in my vernacular. Not because I wasn’t, but because to me it often implied the imposition of someone else’s agenda, onto me, to get their shit done. I was always, and... Read More »
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1 Welcome to the talk shiFt™ shorts series with Tom Leu >> (twice weekly, short blog posts that cut to the chase to help you kick your business or personal brand to the next level) A new year. A big deal…... Read More »
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