Forty-Four (44)

Tom Leu

Drowning in the details? Encumbered by the unimportant? Tormented by tedium? Getting nickeled and dimed to death? Everyone’s been there. These are the times when you get so immersed in the trivial that you lose sight of the bigger picture.

These are tricky times. These are dangerous times. The danger is the loss of your fucking soul. The danger is the loss of your passion for what’s truly important to YOU. The danger is the resulting insensitivity that can come across to others that you care about. The danger is becoming a lesser version of yourself that you don’t like…

So tend to the trivial, but be sure you’re protecting your purpose; your passion; your primary reason(s) for doing whatever you’re doing in the first place. Do this by maintaining healthy boundaries between your vocation and your avocations. Draw lines; have limits; and leave things when necessary. Live a life worth living by always making time for the things you love. Nothing else really matters…

Stay tuned-in…

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