The talk shiFt Podcast features interviews with “rock stars” from many different industries and backgrounds. Interviews are a central component of the Tom Leu’s Lifestyle Initiative Training™ resources.

As the host of the Ground Level TV show, writer and speaker, Tom Leu, has interviewed hundreds of people from multiple business, artistic, academic, and entertainment fields.


Tom’s passion is to interview the many “rock stars” among us and find out what makes them tick; what drives them toward their definition of “success.” The mission is to uncover and discover their key principles of success psychology, and philosophies of achievement both personally and professionally, and then share it with the tS audience. This isn’t celebrity gossip (many who we interview aren’t “celebrities”… yet), as much as it’s the sharing of success insights by movers & shakers in the real-world.

Tom shares these insights and calls them “RockStar” Revelations. The purpose is to inspire, to be inspired, and to learn from each other… taking what you like and leaving the rest, while putting it all into practice in the real-world where applicable.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a model, a musician, or a mechanic… the Tom’s purpose is to highlight how movers and shakers kick-ass in the real-world. It’s less about money, and more about the motivation, inspiration, and perseverance necessary to be the best at what you do the best.

talk shiFt™ interviews focus on philosophies of success, perseverance, recovery, risk-taking, failure, fear, uncertainty, change, communication, and personal achievement among other topics. It’s less about what you do and more about who you are. It’s for the 5%.

talk shiFt interview questions encourage critical thinking and contemplation. Deliberately deeper, philosophical discussions are the goal. Questions and conversations attempt to get at the core of each person’s truth, without a guarded, watered-down version being presented. We’ll ask interesting questions; fun questions; provocative questions. Without these types of questions… it’s just another interview, so what’s the point right? The end-game is revelation for the participant(s), the audience, and the interviewer.

“Being an on-air guest with Tom Leu felt like an episode of ‘Inside the Actor’s Studio.’ Great questions; great conversation. I came away from the interview feeling very fulfilled.” ~ Michael Corin, Anavox

All interviews are recorded and transcribed for posting on the Tom Leu’s websites and other broadcast outlets. Tom Leu & Leu Success Resources, Inc. own the rights to all interviews and may publish both audio and/or text versions online and/or in print. Interviewees are encouraged to republish and post audio and text versions of interviews onto their own websites. Creative Commons license applies.

Interviewees will be asked to voice show ID’s following the interview in a general format such as: “This is _____ from _____, and you’re listening to talk shiFt with Tom Leu” or some variation thereof.


*talk shiFt™ interviews are NOT simply intended to be a “plug” of what you’re doing now and what you have coming up. While Tom will ensure that this information is included within the interview, please understand this is NOT a commericial, but a commentary designed to help others learn from your journey, experiences, and expertise. We discuss the underlying philosophies and strategies that drive what you do that fuel your progress and success.



**Are you interested in being interviewed and featured on the talk shiFt with Tom Leu broadcasts and websites? Do you have compelling a story to tell? Email us with your information.

Please include the following within the body of your email:

1. Name

2. Company/organization/group

3. Summary of your story and experience – what you’ve overcome, accomplished, and learned, etc.

4.The gist of what you want to communicate and share through this interview.

5. Anything else you feel is pertinent.

Thank you!