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What I’m Doing Now:

Still living in Rockford, IL (for now, more on that soon). A couple of months away from 50 years old.

Top 3.5 Updates…

Radio Show & Podcast:

Launched Sound Matters Radio with episode #001 on January 07, 2017. The show began with the tag line of Music, Marketing, & Motivation. Slight adjustment after a few months to Music, Communication, & Motivation. Evolved now into Psych, Drunks, & Rock ‘n Roll. I interview musicians, authors, filmmakers, photographers, and anyone I believe to be a mover and shaker in life. 37 episodes have been recorded and produced to date with all interviews, tributes, and highlights & hits shows are available as podcasts on iTunes, iHeartRadio, Spreaker, Stitcher, & TuneIn Radio, etc. and select full shows with music available as streams via Mixcloud


Since 2009, I ‘ve been working as a professional photographer primarily in the genres of concert, landscape, and portrait photography. 2017 has continued to keep me busy covering multiple music festivals and concerts shooting national acts such as Soundgarden, Kid Rock, Godsmack, Keith Urban, Jason Aldean, and more. Photography website at

My Next Book:

As my work has evolved more and more into the realm of recovery (I’m a person in long-term recovery since December 17, 2002), I’ve finally decided to write down my story in the hopes of inspiring even one other person to get unstuck and out of ruts if applicable. The working title is Escaping Suite Oblivion: Psych, Drunks, & Rock ‘n Roll, and will be out in 2018. Excerpts here.


One last thing… on August 28, 2017, I had an idea to commemorate an important, upcoming time of life for me, but primarily, and more importantly, to be a source of inspiration and encouragement to others. As such, I’m launching a brand new daily/weekly recovery-related project beginning at the top of 2018. The title and overview should be relatively self-evident if you’ve read this page carefully…

Stay tuned-in, and check back here for updates…

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