Call to Action

So many are scared… to make a move… a real move… in the right direction…

Sometimes we can be our greatest ally and our own worst enemy simultaneously.

Most people long to live more fully, more freely, to feel more fulfilled, and to contribute more profoundly.

Many have shied away from opportunities, and recoiled from challenges and wonder why they feel like they’re stuck in an infinite funk.

Shooting themselves in foot, and becoming perpetual victims of self-inflicted wounds they say:

“But that’s just how I am. I’ve always been this way.”

But, there are endeavors, ventures, undertakings, projects, and situations that demand a new perspective and approach if we hope to affect different outcomes.

Human behavior is largely influenced by learned mental scripts and activity patterns that have been instilled in us from an early age. Some serve us; some don’t. It’s our job to honestly assess which ones are which.

Let me be clear:

  • I am not advocating becoming someone or something you are not.
  • I am not encouraging people to be artificial, superficial, or fake.
  • I am not urging people to be actors or inauthentic versions of themselves.


  • I’m endorsing that people embrace those parts of their personalities that are already there, but may be lying dormant.
  • I’m asking people to move out of their comfort zones and take action in areas that they have historically side-stepped or overlooked.
  • I’m prompting people to get honest and objectively decide to make changes for the best interest of themselves, and others around them.

Anything less is fear-based and the ultimate selfishness. To do less is to deny others the ultimate greatness and uniqueness of you.

So, I’m daring you to move.

“Tension is here | Between who you are and who you could be | Between how it is and how it should be | I dare you to move | I dare you to lift yourself up off the floor” ~ Switchfoot

If the fear of moving into the unknown is the illness, then action is the antidote.

This stuff is live-giving IF embraced.

The call to action begins by making a decision to answer the call; to finally decide to begin doing things differently than you’ve ever done before; and to be disciplined for the benefit all around you.

You’re staring down the barrel of a new beginning.

But nothing changes until you change.

Will you answer the call?

This is the “easier-said-than-done” stuff that most won’t do.

How about you?

Stay tuned-in…

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Stop Complaining, Get Pissed, & Grow a Pair

If this title offends you (*self-assured chuckle*) then you probably won’t find anything of value here.

This piece is for those (of us) who benefit from getting the cage rattled a little bit sometimes. If you can’t handle that, then you should consider clicking off… no harm, no foul. But, if you think you might be in the 5% I target, then please read on…

I can’t stand perpetual whiners. I have a very low tolerance for those who bitch and moan constantly about the status quo; those who are solution-averse, problem-dwellers.

Boo, fucking hoo…

Your plans didn’t pan out? Your goals got side-lined? Your expectations weren’t met? Your ego got bruised?

What are you gonna do now? What do you do with those inevitable moments of discouragement, doubt, disillusionment, and despair?

Kick and scream? Pout? Blame others? Give up? These are all (self-sabotaging) options for you if you choose them.

However, I suggest you start stopping your self-sabotage NOW!



…wasting your precious time; it’s NOT unlimited; time is ticking.

…complaining about everyone and everything.

…whining about all the reasons why your life has not turned out the way you wanted it to.

…blaming others for why you don’t have what you want.

…beating yourself up for having dreams that are challenging and hard to achieve.

…turning to diversions (attractive distractions) that get you off track.

…using money as an excuse for why you can’t do something (point: we all “find” the money we need for the things that we really want).

…hearing only what you want to hear and believing your own bullshit.

…second guessing your real passions (point: if they recur, they’re likely real).

…envying those who (appear to) have what you want (most don’t).

…trying to be all things to all people (point: diplomacy has its place, but so does drawing a line in the sand, taking a position and putting people in their place when necessary).

…ignoring the signs that confirm you’re doing what you’re supposed to be doing.



…listening to others you trust.

…believing in your real abilities and strengths.

…taking tangible action toward your goals.

…accepting that you’re going to get down occasionally, and that’s OK.

…embracing that not everyone is going to dig you and what you do.

…committing to sharpening your skills, learning new things, and growing as a human being.

Stop complaining – and only identifying and rehashing the problems, without a solution.

Get pissed – reach your threshold, the point of no return, a moment of truth that moves you act.

Grow a pair – realize your solutions, make decisions, undertake massive and consistent action of high-pay off activities to change your circumstances.

To accomplish all of the above, keep these 3 initiatives on your radar at all times:

  • FOCUS – continually be creating, evolving, and executing your plan.
  • INSULATE – avoid the many dream stealers attempting to suck the fucking life out of you; embrace primarily those who keep you inspired, yet accountable.
  • PERSPECTIVE – recalibrate, recharge, recommit, re-examine, and re-focus your actions daily along the way.

Stop simply drowning in the “dreaming”… start really doing.

Agree or disagree; just no apathy.

Stay tuned-in…



watershedThere’s nothing glamorous or appealing about a “starving artist.” Perhaps it’s attractive at some point; short-term, but never really appealing, long-term.

No one truly enjoys going without; struggling; just getting by; barely making it.

Only on television and in movies is this portrayed as desirable. These story lines and scripts are written by folks who are often already very comfortable in their lifestyle.

There comes a point when a person wants/needs to earn what they know/have proven they are worth. This may require shelving certain endeavors that may have been full of promise, but never fully materialized for whatever reason(s)… likely some combination of both internal and external factors.

Some may call this selling out. I would have when I was younger. But not today. Time + (my) experience = (my) wisdom.

This is a watershed moment…

The honest realization of where one’s personality best fits within any kind of income-producing endeavor is important and powerful. In addition to personality, one’s relative place in their life is also equally important.

It’s not enough to just “do what you love.” You have be able to do what you love while also managing the inevitable other (sucky) stuff that comes with it. For example, I love to speak, encourage, and inspire others. Always have… I used to think that travelling all around, speaking to different groups would be great. I finally made that happen, and guess what? It wasn’t great. It was just OK; sometimes less than OK. The speaking part was great, the travelling that came along with it wasn’t. When I was younger, this lifestyle would have been perfect for me. Not today… I like to be home with my family more than I don’t.

Depending on what point they’re at in their lives, some people need to work in a very structured, organized, often micro-managed environment. It suits their personality best. Some need to be primarily autonomous, totally self-employed, no overriding management except from themselves. Still others thrive in an environment that blends these two extremes.

So where does my personality best thrive at this point in my life?

I need the freedom to make my own destiny. But I also desire some amount of structure underneath this entrepreuerial spirit. Not sure exactly how that looks or works, but I’m willing to explore how to make it happen. This is the opposite of selling out. This is cashing in actually.

So, so long, long-suffering soul. I’ve seen that movie, and the ending is a disappointment…

Stay tuned-in…



Sure you look into it, but are you truly “seeing” what’s there? Some are subconsciously afraid of the mirror. Not for what they see, but for what they don’t want to see. It’s precisely this kind of pride-leveling that’s necessary for growth.

Sometimes it’s necessary to make changes to things that may have long been apart of who you’ve been and who you are, but are now holding you back.

“Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself.” – Leo Tolstoy

Most skip right over this truth. No one wants to change themselves; but most of us need to. Big difference. Truly look at yourself inside out. Pay attention to what hasn’t been working in life up to this point. Then decide if you really want to make some changes. If your motivation for change is more about wanting to rather than needing to, your results will be greater.

If you’re honestly in the right place, doing the right things, with and for the right people, then commit to doing everything you can not to screw it up. Look in the mirror, make the tough decisions, and continue making the necessary changes as needed.

Your perceived reality depends on it.

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Reality is Perception

Many years ago, one of my mentors used to tell me that “the world is as you are, not as it is…” It’s an interesting observation that has stuck with me ever since.

Things aren’t always what they seem to be; but they are what they seem to be to me, and to you. We make our world so small sometimes. Limited by the confines of our immediate surroundings, we mistakenly believe that what we see is all there is.

It isn’t.

How we “see things” influences how we “feel” about those things, which influences how we “act” upon those feelings.

How you think = How you are.

So… since our perception is our reality, doesn’t it make sense to change our perception when our reality is in need of change?

the shiFt:

Easier said than done, but no less possible. But how? How do we go about changing our perceptions?

Two ways:

1) Get honest about any long-held perceptions that may not serve you anymore. Fall out of love with the notion that your way of seeing things is the only “right” way. It rarely is. If you don’t have the objectivity to do this yourself, ask someone else who really knows you to help. >> Yes, it’s OK to ask for help. Asking for help = Strength)<<

2) Become willing to consider another perspective. Being willing doesn’t mean blindly agreeing. Do some homework and investigate other viewpoints for yourself. Sometimes the very act of trying to objectively challenge or support another perspective exposes new information that was unseen and/or unknown before.

Few like to change. Change is often scary and makes people defensive and resistant. Change is hard. But change is also necessary for progress and growth.

“If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” ~ Dr. Wayne Dyer

Think back one, five, even ten or more years ago… how much have you changed? Is “as you are” today driving you in the direction you want to be tomorrow? If not, then keep what’s working, and get rid of the rest. Your “world” depends on it. Pay attention to your perception.

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Despite what the world tries to tell us and sell us time and time again…

Life can get better. People can change. People can recover. People can achieve happiness and contentment in life. People can improve their circumstances and outcomes.

More than idealism, I speak from the realism produced from direct personal experience.

New careers get launched, new relationships are born, new lifestyles afford new freedoms, and a new serenity becomes reality. This for the 5% who have the courage to stay the course and to stop complaining.

Most limits are illusions. They are self-made, self-imposed excuses to stagnate and never challenge the status-quo.

Good things do happen for those who persevere and engage in responsible risk-taking vs. only risk-talking. It has to start with helping yourself first.

At every seminar of his I’ve ever attended, Tony Robbins always talks about striving to get the “juice” out of life. He encourages people to pursue those passions that move them and really mean something to them. He claims that this “juice” is what everyone longs to drink-in, but are held back from its pursuit for any number of different reasons.

I believe that to really get the “juice” out of something requires enduring the pressure that comes along with change and risk. Change isn’t easy, but possible provided people endure the challenges and reap the rewards that pressure produces.

To get the juice out of an orange requires it to be squeezed… sometimes very hard, for some time, for any results to become evident. I’ve heard it said that pain is the greatest teacher.

People need to be pressed, pressured, and endure pain sometimes as well to get at this proverbial “juice.” Getting real uncomfortable is often THE prerequisite for change. Adding pressure and squeezing for improved performance is often necessary to truly be moved and motivated toward the changes required to get the most out of our life situations.

This “juice” resides not on the easy-to-see exterior, but on the harder-to-reach interior.

It requires getting honest and telling ourselves the truth.

This is often the hardest thing anyone ever has to do because it sounds too simple and too easy. But, it’s anything but…

Once able to look ourselves in the mirror with a respect that’s free of regret, the pressure begins to become more manageable. Options become more prevalent and happiness begins to become more abundant.

It ‘ain’t always easy, and it ‘aint always fun, but it can be done.

It starts with a little hope mixed with a lot of determination, and then the courage to make the first move in a different direction.

Drink it in…

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Stay tuned-in…