Discipline used to be a dirty word in my vernacular. Not because I wasn’t, but because to me it often implied the imposition of someone else’s agenda, onto me, to get their shit done. I was always, and am still an advocate for getting my own shit done, first and foremost… and so should you… whatever that is for you. 

But, staying true to your own self-advocating agenda requires not only copious amounts of ongoing discipline, but also effective organization, and a consistent call to action for any of it to produce any kind of tangible results. All three of these CHOICES (discipline, organization, and action), and they are daily choices, are actually very rare in combination within most individuals who are self-described “self-starters.” Be the exception. Be disciplined about writing down daily and weekly goals, map out who and how these goals will be accomplished, and then delegate and commit to taking the necessary action to see them through to completion. Over time, progress becomes the evident by-product of choosing to be disciplined. 

Stay tuned-in…


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