Walking Contradictions

Tom Leu


So many people are fucking walking contradiction’s of themselves. Hypocrisy is another word for this, and runs rampant in the world.

You’ve got your atheists who pray to their “god,” your Christians who cuss, smoke, drink and screw outside of marriage (none of which bother me one iota mind you), your politicians who preach tolerance, yet behave intolerantly, and your everday Joe’s who are self-righteous, social media motivators while their real lives are a hot mess. And on and on…

What’s worse is that so many people post their proclamations, espouse their motivational messages, waive their self-serving fucking flags, and do their damnedest to convince anyone who will listen that they are something they’re not.

Oh I get it… we’re only human. We all fall short, make mistakes, and need to improve. Including me. I’m not perfect of course. Far from it. I get it wrong, and fuck up often. I’m one of these walking contradictions myself at times. I’ve been known to put on a good public showing while my private show is out of control.

>> I mean, you can’t write a post like this and NOT cop to this shit as well without being an A-1 hypocritical asshole yourself.

But I also admit this shit, and resolve to get better. To improve. To learn. To grow.

That’s why am writing this. Because I know I’m not alone. I see so much bullshit out there, as you likely do as well. People are constantly posturing and posing to present as someone they’re really not. It’s a show; it’s smoke and mirrors. We can all benefit so much more by just being as transparent and honest as possible. This is something that requires ongoing attention and deliberate work to actually achieve.

the shiFt:

Want a better, authentic life for you and yours? Want more congruency that comes from actually walking the talk? Want to be a better person? Great…

Then get fucking after it by getting humble. Start by taking off the mask. Get honest with yourself first, and then everyone you care about second. Tell the truth about your true self… good and not so good. Show the people who matter who you really are instead of putting on a Facebook front of who you really are. The world will be a much better place if we all got on board this train instead of continuing a dead end journey on the bullshit bus.

Stay tuned-in…

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