68 Does it matter to you if people “like” you? Some say it does not matter whatsoever. These types are typically very outspoken about their non-caring which is very NOT non-caring. Of course we all know some assholes that we... Read More »
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67 Talent – something you’re born with; something you may or may not have to work at, more or less, to develop and improve.  Skill – something you’re not born with; something you must work to develop and improve. ... Read More »
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66 Not a super “hot” topic, but very important nonetheless, and in my estimation, lacking considerably in many scenarios, much of the time. Consider this >> CONSIDERATION… not meant in the sense of thinking about something, but as in... Read More »
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65 Judy C. 2014 >> “Humans Being” Project – produced using original images, interviews, and music production from 16Imaging Communications. The goals of these moving pictures are to raise awareness, encourage critical thinking, promote contemplative reflection, and to inspire others... Read More »
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64 Accountability? What is it really? Is it just a check list of shit to do? Is it ensuring that you’re doing all you need to be doing? Is it some kind of Big Brother thing put in place... Read More »
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63 No one should have to go it alone… no matter what IT is. There are always others out there who are willing and able to assist us when we need it. Hell, even when we don’t think we... Read More »
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62 I’m realizing that I’ve been doing what others call “social documentary” for several years now.  As a writer and photographer, I deliberately intend to capture the world’s intricacies, uniqueness, and challenges in order to raise awareness and promote more... Read More »
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61 The final Communichology™ concept, and the third of the three “Gets” requires much action over apprehension. #3. Get after it. Go APPLY all that you know. That’s code to go out and fucking do something. Don’t just talk about... Read More »
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60 Another key concept of Communichology™, and the second thing to get of the three “Gets” requires much effort that many refuse to do: #2. Get more accurate information. Don’t just settle on shit you’ve been spoon-fed your whole... Read More »
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59 Impactful “Communichology“ requires you and I to “get” the (3) three “Gets” worth getting: #1. Get over yourself.  Admit when either A) you just don’t know something, or B) you’re just plain not sure. This requires that you... Read More »
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58 Time Waits For No One I believe most of us take time for granted. We subconsciously believe we have ALL the time in the world. We believe we’ll get to this, or that, later because we assume we... Read More »
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57 Winners. Losers. Posers. Pretenders… Who succeeds and who loses in life has plagued far greater thinkers than I for eons. What aligns the stars to make stars and successes of some who go on to become the envy... Read More »
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56 Time. It goes. Very. Very. Fast… There’s so much to do. And so much coming at us, seemingly all the time. Rarely do I feel “caught up”… know what I mean? And never feeling caught up or complete(ish)... Read More »
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55 Details. The devil is in them as they say… And I fucking hate managing details. I’m a big-picture personality. I envision large-scale ideas, creative concepts, and initiatives. This can be a big strength. But, I can get bogged... Read More »
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CWT-7: Rocking Recovery

What is CONVERSATIONS WITH TOM? Read THIS for an overview… Ricky Midway: Despite all you’ve written and produced over the years, there was still something missing right? Tom Leu: Yes there was. It’s what this new endeavor of yours is about right? Yes…... Read More »
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