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Tom Leu, M.S. is a Member of the National Speakers Association (NSA), and a Certified Professional Coach (CPC)…

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Tom’s Fine Art Photography website…

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talk shiFt with Tom Leu

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Tom Leu, MS/CPC

Professional Speaker, Photographer, & Communichologist™


Tom Leu, MS/CPC is a Professional Speaker, Photographer, Radio Host, Writer, and Certified Professional Coach. A National Speakers Association member, Tom talks shiFt™ from the intersection where human communication and psychology collide (a discipline he calls Communichology™). What people are saying about Tom >> HERE

Tom is a communications trainer, leadership consultant, recovery advocate, former Academic Dean, and Psychology instructor. Tom specializes in Communications, Psychology, Leadership, and Recovery multi-media presentations for businesses, organizations, and for individual coaching. Tom is also a published photographer and photojournalist at 16imaging Photography and Moving Pictures, as well as the host of both the Sound Matters Radio show broadcasting on 1440 WROK in Rockford, IL, and the Recovery Collective Radio show airing on 106.1 FM in the Clearwater/Tampa, FL area on the Tan Talk Radio Network. Both shows are available as on-demand podcasts via iTunes, iHeartRadio, TuneIn Radio, Stitcher, Spotify, and Spreaker. 

Tom’s messages empower us to “see things” differently, to challenge what’s possible, and choose new paths to change yourself… to then begin to change the world.

Tom has created and speaks on the art and science of Communichology™… a pioneering discipline that requires “seeing things” from the unique vantage point where communication skills and human psychology collide. Typically studied as separate entities; Communichology™ makes the case that one’s communication style mixed with their personality tendencies are inextricable and often predictable. Mastery of these concepts are invaluable to one’s personal and professional growth and outcomes.

“Challenge What’s Possible; Choose New Paths; Change Yourself >> Change the World.”

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