I’m an author, professional speaker, published photographer, music producer, radio and television show host, actor, filmmaker, former Academic Dean and psychology instructor.

Email: info@tomleu.com

I specialize in speaking and teaching from the intersection where human behavior and strategic communications collide. I have a Masters degree in Psychology and am a Certified Professional Coach (CPC) and Body Language trainer.

I was born and raised in Rockford, IL but now live on Florida’s West-Central Gulf Coast near the world famous Clearwater Beach.

The Blog

My manifesto… primarily for the 5%

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“21 Days of Distinction”

Blending the insights of a teacher, with the encouragement of a coach I “talk shift” by presenting strategic communications insights combined with images from my professional photography portfolio producing 21 provocative daily distinctions for improved personal and professional outcomes.

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“The Musician’s Corner®”


77 minute audio book full of marketing & promotions strategies for independent musicians.

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Suite Oblivion Shine

Music that is rock, pop, and mainstream; it’s heavy and it’s commercial. The album delivers cool textures by mixing soaring vocal harmonies against punchy, groove-laden hard rock foundations.

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Sound Matters Radio Show & Podcast Episodes:

SOUND MATTERS is a weekly broadcast radio show and podcast entertaining matters in Music & Mindset, Psychology & Communications topics. Since 2017, the SOUND MATTERS show curates cutting edge commentary and conversations with musicians, artists, authors, journalists, thought leaders, speakers, photographers, filmmakers, and entertainers. I go deep with guests to uncover and discover the backstories of their creative processes and philosophical approaches that inspire their work.