Tom Leu, MS/CPC

Short Bio:

I’m a professional speaker, author, published photographer, music producer, radio and television show host, actor, filmmaker, former Academic Dean and psychology instructor.

I enjoy speaking and teaching at the intersection where human behavior and strategic communications collide. I have a Masters degree in Psychology and am a Certified Professional Coach and Certified Body Language trainer.

I was born and raised in Rockford, IL but now live on Florida’s Central Gulf Coast.

My manifesto… primarily for the 5%.

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“21 Days of Distinction” (2014)

Blending the insights of a teacher, with the encouragement of a coach I “talk shift” by presenting images and insights producing provocative daily distinctions for improved personal and professional outcomes.

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“The Musician’s Corner®” (2003)


77 minute audio book full of marketing & promotions strategies for independent musicians.

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Suite Oblivion Shine (2000)

Music that is rock, pop, and mainstream; it’s heavy and it’s commercial. The album delivers cool textures by mixing soaring vocal harmonies against punchy, groove-laden hard rock foundations.

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