21 Days of Distinction (Blurb Books, 2014)

21 Days Cover_medium“21 Days of Distinction” Images, Insights, & Inspiration by Tom Leu

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Exploring compelling themes within Communications and Psychology (Communichology™), 21 Days of Distinction challenges you to “see things” literally through lenses, and figuratively despite filters through compelling images and insights, designed to challenge and inspire.

Blending the insights of a teacher, with the encouragement of a coach, Tom Leu “talks shiFt™” by presenting images and insights producing provocative daily distinctions for personal and professional growth.

This collection of images and short vignettes promotes the power of critical thinking. The purpose is to inspire and challenge, and perhaps to initiate change… positive change. The photos from my portfolio that I used for this book were chosen because I felt they best complimented and expressed the messages I’m trying to convey within the associated writings. For this book, sometimes I already had written the words, and then set out to attach an image I already had in my portfolio that best represented my thoughts. Othertimes, I set out to find and shoot a new image, and then wrote about how it made me feel… afterwards.

Sometimes it’s necessary to look… just underneath the obvious; past our first impressions and inclinations, and toward an alternate perception to achieve an alternative perspective. This is about “seeing things” despite the many filters we carry into the situations and circumstances we find ourselves in. To really see things figuratively speaking, means to be very aware of our filters. Filters are our learned and lived values, beliefs, attitudes and experiences that shape how we view, and then respond to the world around us each and every day, in every way. Sometimes, it’s necessary to shiFt our behaviors to best suit our surroundings. True “distinctions” do away with the one-size-fits-all diatribe. Learn. Flex. Grow.

It’s amazing what you see when you decide to stay tuned-in.

I hope you “see” …

GET the Print book for $15.00 plus shipping HERE

GET the eBook instantly for $9.99 HERE


Tom’s first book, The Musician’s Corner® click here >>

Musician’s Corner® (Paragon Productions, 2003)

Musician's Corner CD

Musician’s Corner CD

Professional Development for “Next-Generation” Rock Stars!

Effective, real-world indie music promotion, strategies, solutions, motivation, and inspiration for beginning bands and independent musicians (and their supporters) to stop sucking and start succeeding! Written in a concise, easy-to-understand style, this is Psychology for Success in Music! You need to know how to promote & sell your music better than your competition. The Musician’s Corner® reveals the secrets from a professional musician’s and manager’s perspective. No pie-in-the-sky scenarios, just effective tips, techniques, and insights that deliver results right away! This audio book talks extensively about three main areas:

MONEY – how to make more of it as an independent artist!

MARKETING – how & why to sell yourself first, your music second!

MYTHS – what you don’t know, you don’t know, about the music biz!

The messages contained throughout the Musician’s Corner® audio book deliver a “reality mentality” by blending honesty with inspiration; the practical with the positive. I’m blunt up front but always end with encouragement. >> TESTIMONIALS

This material is not for the unteachable… I don’t want to talk to those who are jaded and jilted; the negative nay-sayers who think they know it all. If that’s you, this ‘aint for you.

This material is for those who are willing to learn and eager to get honest about this business of music that they are into. These resources are for those who are passionate about making progress with their music by investing time in the subtleties of success that any business requires, but are often over-looked.

  • I am not here to talk about playing music, I am here to talk about effectively selling yourself and your music once you already know how to play.

  • I am not here to teach you how to play a “C” chord, I am here to make you “see” the realities required to become a successful independent artist or group.

  • Don’t be one of those groups who do nothing, know no one, and end up going nowhere…

The Musician’s Corner® is a registered trademark and a nationally syndicated series of columns, articles and radio segments that have appeared and aired on hundreds of music websites, in print publications, and on broadcast and internet radio stations since 2001. Tom Leu’s Musician’s Corner® books, articles & audio books teach players and parents alike how to market and sell their music more effectively, more often by exposing the often-overlooked secrets and strategies that independent musicians NEED to know for success in music! No fluff, no filler directly from Tom’s 25+ years as a musician himself. Think you can handle it?

So who is this information for?

Musician's Corner CD1)  Independent bands & artists who aren’t too proud to realize they don’t know it all or they’d be farther along by now!

2)  Parents & supporters of independent artists who want to help them succeed by shortening the learning curve for success in music!

If you are a parent or enthusiastic supporter of the next “American Idol” or “Rock Star,” then do everyone a favor by learning the necessary marketing and promotion strategies to help take them from obscurity to celebrity with the Musician’s Corner® books!

If you’re serious, it’s time to get serious… the challenge is real!

“Money, Marketing, & Myths Inside the Musician’s Corner is a highly informative Book/CD set that should be an indispensable part of any serious musician or artist’s library.  As I say on my radio show: “There are no secrets, only that which you don’t know, and when you know it – it’s no longer a secret.”  The Musician’s Corner resources will help reveal the “secrets.”

– Samm Brown, Award-winning songwriter, producer, radio show host, and arranger for acts including Michael Jackson, The Supremes, The Miracles, & New Edition and other Motown artists.  Samm is the recipient of many RIAA gold & platinum and ASCAP awards.

“Tom Leu’s success techniques and positive (but realistic) approach can be applied to a lot more than just the business of creating and marketing sound. Unlike many resources of this type, it’s also an entertaining reading experience. Leu speaks in terms that can be understood by virtually anyone, and speaks with a passion that’s downright contagious!”

– Gary Hill, author and music journalist

“The Musician’s Corner®” and “New Band Tips” articles reprint rights by permission only. If you like what you read, you may reprint and/or republish these writings along with an approved *bio blurb & photo* for each article used. Email us to include articles on your website or in your print publication.

Track Listing:

1) Hometown to the Hall of Fame 2) Gossip, Guts, & Glory 3) Talent, Tenacity, & Timing 4) Help Each Other to Help Yourself 5) Working in the Music Biz 6) Change Is Inevitable 7) Build It & They Will Come 8) Marketing & Promotion 9) Band Business 10) The If To 11) Rock-n-roll Reviews 12) Create Your Own Luck 13) Covers Or Originals? 14) The Customer Is Always Right 15) Backstage Pass 16) Songs Or Records? 17) Traps 18) Tips 19) Contracts Are Your Friend 20) Fantastic 21) Image Is Something 22) Collaboration 23) Commitment 24) Judge A Book 25) Distance 26) Carpe Diem

  • You’ve learned how to write and play your music… now you HAVE to learn how to SELL it!

  • You believe in the talent, the music & the passion… what do you now need to be thinking about and DOING to really start to succeed with your music?

  • You know the music… now you need to learn “the business” of indie music marketing, sales, and promotion!

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