What is talk shiFt™ & Lifestyle Initiative Training™?

A philosophy. A methodology. A mindset.

Impactful training & coaching based on principles of Communichology™ that embraces proactivity and taking ACTION following a new AWARENESS. talk(ing) shiFt is a lifestyle and a WAY of life that encourages “seeing things” figuratively speaking, for personal and professional achievement. Lifestyle Initiative Training (LIT) resources are conceptual tools and practical application methods of motivation, inspiration, and encouragement to do what they say can’t be done.

This is about exploring the Success Psychology within Music, Marketing, & Motivation.  This is rock and roll that’s motivational.

“Getting LIT” is first about “seeing things” figuratively speaking, and then about literally doing the necessary things to proactively improve and transform your life. It’s about digging down to uncover & discover the key principles of personal development that afford the minority to excel, while the majority only make excuses.

It’s about raising awareness and acquiring acute perception habits. It’s then about gaining perspective and taking proactive action by applying what you’ve learned. The end-result is growth. Though sometimes uncomfortable, this type of personal growth is not unattainable.

It all comes back full-circle to our lifestyle and our choices…

What is the “Seeing Things” concept all about?

An extension of my blog, “Seeing Things” is also a weekly column series sharing Lifestyle Initiative Training™ insights on communications, recovery, & social strategy topics. Infusing my photography into every installment, the “Seeing Things” series is a visual and mental journey that’s equally practical and inspirational.

Who is this information for?

This is for anyone who desires to develop & grow their communication skills for improved personal & professional outcomes. This is for those who strive to rock in the real-world. And “rock stars” are everywhere… onstage, backstage, in the shop, at the office, or at home.

This is for musicians, managers, entreprenuers, artists, writers, photographers, fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, seekers… anyone who strives to be the best at they do the best. This is for learners. This is for leaders.

This is for the 5%.

What’s the subject-matter about?

Communications – skills & strategies to be more effective & influential professionally.

Recovery – insights & inspiration to be more effective & fulfilled personally.

Communications★Recovery – training & coaching to recover & revitalize the communications & emotional & social intelligences necessary for lasting personal & professional growth & achievement.


Music, Marketing, and Motivation… to Rock Your Business, Brand, or Band

1. Music = References and lessons drawn from rock ‘n roll and it’s rich history.

2. Marketing = Skill development specific to personal and professional commYOUnication, sales, and social strategy.

3. Motivation = Principles of success psychology, personal achievement, and inspiration.

More specifically: It’s about the human psychology, communications, and critical thinking skills prevalent and relevant to those who strive for significant personal and professional achievement.

What’s your style of delivery?

4 E’s: Empowering. Entertaining. Edgy. Educational. “

Adult dialogue” is present and sometimes prevalent here. Fair warning.

What’s here for me?

Ideas, inspiration, and practical actions to get unstuck, out of ruts, and/or refocused on “success” – whatever that specifically means to you. Getting LIT helps you move toward higher levels of personal and professional satisfaction and achievement. This is delivered through Lifestyle Initiative Training resources that include compelling, provocative, and relevant features such as interviews, articles, podcasts, videos, images, and live presentations.

What if I already “know” everything you’re talking about here?

Really? Give me a break… By even making that assertion, you’re demonstrating the exact opposite of what you’re claiming. I’d saying you’re suffering from what I call the “Common Sense” defense. The question to ask is: “Is (this knowledge I claim to have) evident in my actions”? If the answer is ‘No’ it doesn’t matter how much you ‘Know.’ It quickly becomes knowledge that is worth… less. Knowing and doing are completely different. We all “know” lots of things. It doesn’t mean we apply what we know. Putting knowledge into action to produce real, tangible results is rare. Recognizing this distinction and changing your course is wisdom. Soooo, to all of you “know-it-alls” out there, keep reading, listening, and watching cuz you likely Need It Most… otherwise, click-off.

Are YOU a “rock star” Tom?

I’m WORKing on it everyday… “work” being the operative word. It’s about progress, not perfection. It’s a journey, not a destination. A journey I’m encouraging others to take right along with me.

Finally, are you in RECOVERY from something…?

Yes, I believe we all are in recovery, ongoing, from some thing(s). For me, alcohol was my definite drug of choice, though I enjoyed almost all of them at various points for many years. December 17, 2002 is my continuous sobriety date.

Stay tuned-in…