AV/Room Set-up


**Tom brings and uses his own Mac laptop for all presentations.

Equipment & Room Set-up Requirements:

  1. Lavaliere or headset microphone.
  2. LCD projector with HDMI or VGA connector, and screen(s).
  3. Podium/lecturn for laptop computer and additional audio device.
  4. ⅛” or ¼” audio cable to connect to laptop out for room sound amplification.
  5. Table (covered and skirted) for Tommy’s books and CD’s.
  6. Wi-Fi Internet connectivity.

Audio & Video Recording:

Tom encourages professional audio and video recording of his presentations. Any session recording arrangements must be made in advance of the event with prior written consent. Tom asks that:

  1. A competent technician does the recording.
  2. We receive a master (unedited) copy with 30 days of the presentation.
  3. Copies not be sold, but distributed to internal staff only.

If you have questions, please contact Tom’s office at 815-621-4200.

Thank you!