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I’m Tom Leu, I’m a Communications Expert, Writer, and Keynote Speaker. I’m also a Certified Professional Coach, Body Language Trainer, Published Photographer, Actor and lifelong Musician. I have over 30 years of experience teaching students to CEO’s how to define and refine the way you communicate to get the positive results that allow you to level-up and achieve your most important goals and desired outcomes.

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**And what does moving from being an adequate (most people) to an ass-kicking (minority of people) communicator do for YOU? It’s simple: when you work to IMPROVE your communication (you know, the stuff most believe they’ve got down pat, but looking around the world both online and off, we all see this isn’t true), and become the BEST communicator you can be by understanding the psychology behind the communication, this creates more OPPORTUNITIES for you and for your success.

What kind of opportunities? Professional opportunities (get passed over less; get more Yes’s; close more deals, make more money, etc.) and Personal opportunities (improved social opportunities, less conflict, more growth, and a higher quality of life). Yes, that’s right. >> Committing to upping your communication game affords you a happier life (science supports this hypothesis correlating life skills training and happiness).

My mission and manifesto is simple:

Challenge what’s possible. Choose new paths. Change yourself. Change the world… (in that order).

“Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.” – Rumi


To accomplish this, I teach the Principles of Psychology behind the most influential and persuasive Communication strategies that produce advanced levels of credibility, connection, and viability with others.

Movers and shiFters understand that fearless and honest inner work is required prior to making effective and lasting contributions externally. I don’t waste time, nor speak only in theories. I teach and train on proven advanced communication strategies and practical application techniques that elevate leadership effectiveness for professionals across industries and disciplines.

Understanding why and how to do this ongoing, starting right now, is the difference between the A and B players. I define A Players as those who desire to make a positive difference in their world. Those who refuse to settle, and are committed to contributing more than they consume. If that’s you, you’re in the right place. I call us the 5%.

With a Masters degree in Psychology and having developed and taught my Communichology™ techniques in collegiate and corporate settings for over a decade now, I’m thrilled to now offer this workshop directly to you today!

I’ve been writing and speaking about these often-overlooked techniques for two decades now. Let me show you how to shiFt your perceptions (personally and professionally) to gain new perspectives that afford you the competitive advantage to get more of what you want, and less of what you don’t.

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This stuff rocks and can completely transform how you “see” and show up in the world for improved personal and professional outcomes. How do I know? Because many others have told me so! Check out what they have to say here >> Testimonials

Are you ready to…
  • Elevate your strategic communications to stand out, get ahead, and be the go-to person that others think of first in your field?
  • Execute the sought-after and advanced communication and social strategy skills based on a better-than-basic understanding of human personality and social psychology that produces tangible results personally and professionally?
  • Project the confidence and communications-moxy to strategically navigate any room and any interpersonal situation with confidence and mastery to create win-win scenarios that produce both dollars and sense?
  • Kick the AV/DC’s (addictions, vices, devices, distractions, and compulsions) to the curb to overcome, rise above, and recover from what’s been slowing you down and limiting your progress?

“Tom, I love your writings and methods! I end many of my days reading and re-reading what you teach. This reframes my thinking, gives me new ideas and approaches, while also making me laugh! You are truly gifted at sharing your wisdom and inspiring positive change! Thank you for what you do!” – Melissa

What you get…
Tom Leu, MS/CPC

My 4-week course teaches you the often-overlooked strategies and techniques that masterful communicators demonstrate with ease, clarity, and confidence to get what they want and need, while simultaneously providing what others want and need first. I call it selfless-selfishness, and it’s application is a game changer.

Like communication skills, not all communications courses are created equal. There’s a ton of communications training and psychology content out there. But it’s typically presented separately. There’s little that combines the two, and that’s what I do, and what this is. You cannot talk about one discipline without the other for maximum impact.Maybe you’ve read all the books, listened to all the podcasts, and feel like you’ve got all this down. But just because you attended a seminar or two at some point in the past is only the beginning. Communications training is fluid. It requires ongoing sharpening and strengthening to cut through and deliver results.

Throughout my Communichology™ course, you’ll learn the new tools you need to make the strategic changes necessary to forever transform your communication effectiveness both intrapersonally AND interpersonally. Utilizing my CTA (Communications Transaction Analysis) exercises, you’ll never look at your interactions the same again.

In addition to the weekly online training session, you’ll get access to me in a weekly private chat to talk through the techniques and what’s specifically important and pertinent to you and your current situation as you grow into this strategic approach that so many claim to have down, but their behavior indicates otherwise. All along, I’m here to do the unthinkable… hold you accountable and help you move from gonna-do to DID to fully enjoy the fruits of your passions, expertise, and experiences.

**I also offer one-one-one COACHING for either pre- or post-workshop clients. Click the link here for more information and to schedule. 

The question is: is it possible... that there’s more for you to learn and apply for improved results? If your answer is YES, drop your best email below to apply for the course. And in the meantime…

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