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The Education Edge™

Tom Leu, MS/CPC launched the Education Edge™ in 2014 delivering high impact, multi-media professional development keynote talks, in-service sessions, and conference presentations within Higher Education. Tom’s very successful tenure and experience in academia for over a decade as an Academic Dean, Director of Education, and instructor, has given him powerful communications insights and strategies to share with faculty and administrators alike on how to improve student retentionrecruitmentattendance, and learning outcomes.

In addition to in-person and virtual keynote speaking engagements and seminars, Tom also offers the Education Edge™ video training series. The series is designed to offer:

  • Fast (~5-10 mins each), yet substantive content for faculty to improve their overall communications effectiveness and impact as instructors within their classes (whether online or on-ground).
  • Documentable faculty development training for accreditation purposes.

To date we have a library of over 40 video modules on a range of topics that specifically address helping higher education instructors reach and impact students positively. Topics are less about pedagogy, and more about the nuances and application of effective interpersonal communication. We are currently producing another series of videos that will be completed by February 2022, and will add to the library of diverse topics and modules in our growing catalog.

Sample videos from the E2 training series:

“Teacher Retention Tools Part 1”

“The Power of Voice”

Other titles include:

  • “Teaching Adult Learners”
  • “Body Language Myths Parts 1 & 2″
  • “Engaging Milennial & Gen Z Students”
  • “Teaching Strategically Within Online Discussions”
  • “Helping Struggling College Students Parts 1 & 2”
  • “Anatomy of an Instructor”
  • “Virtual Teaching on Zoom – Best Practices Parts 1 & 2”
  • “Resilience & Self-Care in Higher Education”
  • “The Communications EDGE”

And many more…

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Teaching Educators How to Be Better Communicators using Principles of Communichology™ developed by Tom Leu, MS/CPC

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