Ground Level TV

Tom Leu on Ground Level TV 2004

Ground Level was a half-hour talk show hosted by Tom Leu and produced through Rock Valley College’s Mass Communication department in Rockford, IL. 100 episodes of the Ground Level show, over eleven seasons, were shot & produced from February 2002 to May 2007. Tom liked describing the show as a “local Jay Leno minus the monologue…”

RVC advanced video students got authentic, hands-on television experience directing and producing this “live-to-tape” regional program. Ground Level features the best in area business and entertainment guests along with some of the best local music talent in northern Illinois and southern Wisconsin playing live in our studios.  Tom’s relaxed and improvisational style made the show both entertaining and informative at the same time.

In addition to hosting the show, Tom also wrote the Musician’s Corner® segment, booked many of the guests, provided the show’s theme music, and co-produced nearly every episode over the show’s 5½ year run.


“Tom is very personable and makes one feel comfortable on the set. His interviewing techniques exhibit professional-level journalism/broadcasting.”

– Lisa Palmeno, Music Journalist/Publicist

“Tom demonstrates lots of pure enthusiasm for the show and works well with the students.  He also is well prepared for his interviews and attempts to get all the information in without impeding the flow of the show.”

– Mike Robinson, former 13 WREX TV anchor & Dir. of PR for Rock Valley College

“Tom Leu is a ‘natural’ in every sense of the word.  Relaxed with audience, genuinely interested and congenial, Tom brings a comfortable confidence to any set or stage.” 

– John Brandon, Program Director, Total Living Network


Partial list of guests who were interviewed or performed on Ground Level TV between 2002-2007:

Bun E. Carlos of Cheap Trick Anavox
Mayor Larry Morrissey Suite Oblivion
Brian Shelton-RVC 420
Nicholas Gunn-Recording Artist The Seed Band
Steve Shannon-WZOK Radio Pistol Pete
Frank Shier-Rock River Times Dan Voll
Chris Wachoiak-Kryptonite Bar Agent Zero
Mike Webb-Starlight Theater Hope’s Anchor
Michael Sherger-Red Super Giant Michael Corin
Benny Salamone-Franchesco’s Jinger Crystal
Joel Geist-Noise Chamber The Snaggs
Todd Gage-LT’s Bar Brett Vogel
Miles Nielsen-Harmony Riley Gary Wortham
Jonny McDowell-Jonny B Enterprises Casey Bankord
Patrick Siedling-Phantom Regiment Tom Mack Group
The Yelling Man-WXRX Radio Poor Man’s Fortune
Karen Elyea-Minglewood Sarah Abramowitz
Mike Bunjan-420 & Medicine Man Magnum Opus
Jody Erickson-Meg’s Daily Grind Howard & The White Boys
Drew Coriossi-Shooters North Emma Riley
Mark Muraski-The Snaggs Mitch Brechon-Suite Oblivion
Fred Scholl-WFEN Radio Harlan Jefferson
John Bishoff-JRB Productions Bill & Jen Cook-The Merkins
Marty Campbell-Toad Soup Chip Messiner
John Cabrera-Agent Zero Susan Masino-WJJO Radio & Author
Paul Church-Orange Sky Drysdale
Rokker-Maximum Ink Magazine Steve Ditzell
Patrick McDonough-Beefcafe Reid Jutras-Dragonfly Entertainment
Lisa Palmeno-Journalist Terry Turen/Double T-WXRX
Rob Petrie-Silver Holland Zander-The Snaggs
Chris Stutsman-Brass Ring Amusements Mike Robinson-RVC
Scooter the Clown Joel DeLuna-Rock University
John Brandon-Total Living Network Bob O’Brien-Rockford Airport
Mike Gulley-Acoustic Millenium Band Carol Wright-On the Waterfront
Kathleen Siedenburg-Junior Achievement Randy Lee-Randy’s Music

**If you, or someone you know appeared on the show and you’d like a copy (either audio and/or video) for your archives, I may just have it my archives (no promises). Contact me at: and I’ll take a look for you.