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Join Tom Leu on the Recovery Collective radio show and podcast where he brings together and connects a collective of creatives, experts, advocates, movers and shiFters who DARE to get up, stand up, and get down to the business at hand… which is to lend a helping hand to those still struggling (with self-defeating behaviors of many varieties) by letting your voice be heard… as we, together… talk shiFt™ about RECOVERY in its many forms, and most importantly… share insights and SOLUTIONS to overcome and rise above what Tom calls the AV/DC’s >> the Addictions, Vices, Devices, Distractions, or Compulsions that may ail you or someone you know.

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Hosted by a music and media veteran, professional speaker, coach, and photographer, RECOVERY COLLECTIVE airs Wednesdays 5-6pm EST on The Tan Talk Radio Network on 106.1 FM/1340 AM in the Clearwater/Tampa, FL area.

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What guests are saying about Recovery Collective:

“It was such a pleasure being a guest on the Recovery_Collective Radio Show. Tom Leu has an incredible skill as a radio host in being able to create an easy flow of conversation for both the listeners and guest speakers to enjoy. The questions asked during the show make for a purposeful discussion and I believe that the listeners are able to take away something of value from each discussion. I had the honor of meeting Tom before this radio experience and it is obvious of how passionate he is about helping others in life and in recovery. I would highly recommend the Recovery_Collective radio show for anyone who is looking to add value to their lives.” – Austin Cooper, Founder of Sober Evolution

“If the Recovery Collective were merely a platform for a range of recovery stories, that would be enough. Under Tom Leu’s passionate, skillful direction it’s more like a next-level Master Class in solution-focused living. Tom’s an expert on recovery who remains curious and engaged, with a passion for the topic that’s infectious and inspiring. My story has multiple (seemingly) disparate threads. Tom sees the bigger picture without losing its finer details. His casual approach and insightful questions made for a stimulating bank-and-forth, with a sense of authentic attunement. Some radio interviewers have an interrogation-style approach, whereas being on the Recovery Collective felt like co-creative brainstorming. Our interview was, for me, both fun and profoundly stirring. The result is a show that is powerful and polished. Raw, real and intimate, yet educative and instructive.” Kristin Casey, Author of Rock Monster: My Life with Joe Walsh


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**Note: content here is not affiliated with any other specific recovery organization, treatment facility, or 12 Step group. My opinions and experiences are my own. My position is if it truly works for you, then it works. Period. The destination is more important, and more valuable than the vehicle taken to get there.

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