Not a super “hot” topic, but very important nonetheless, and in my estimation, lacking considerably in many scenarios, much of the time.

Consider this >> CONSIDERATION… not meant in the sense of thinking about something, but as in being considerate. As in thinking of others before ourselves.

*Considerate (adjective) = being aware of and respecting other people’s feelings; having or showing regard for others; thoughtful (

Contrary to [some] popular belief, it DOES pay to be considerate. Here are five advantageous reasons:

  1. Others will respect you more, personally and professionally, because of your ability to practice what you preach.
  2. This respect will multiply the people who want to be around you because you’re generally more likable.
  3. This better positions you socially which improves your personal and professional networking and advancement opportunities.
  4. It’s polite and proper etiquette.
  5. It’s contagious…

Despite how you may be feeling at any given moment, consider others’ feelings when you interact with them. Smile; listen; be nice; and be considerate. >> Always strive to be more kind than you feel. It starts with each of us individually. We all contribute to our culture. Imagine the possibilities if everyone committed to this every day…

Stay tuned-in…




Are you truly considerate of others feelings? Or do you just tell yourself you are to protect your own? To really care about another’s feelings, you sometimes have to sacrifice your own. You have to abandon your personal impulses toward selfishness and self-satisfaction in favor of selflessness.

Altruism is the opposite of the apathy that plagues the self-absorbed. It’s easy to give in to our own desires because that’s how we’ve been wired biologically after all. It’s much harder to not be a dick; to put others first; to say thank you; to be nice; to do the right thing; and to give a little bit for the betterment of the greater good.

As time passes, the world’s need for us all to be this way versus that way, continues to become more and more apparent and important to me. How about you?

Stay tuned-in…