Problem-solving – Part 2.

It’s everyone’s job; everyday. Your value, and mine, is to attributed to, and proportional to the size of problems you and I can help others solve. So who are these others? Anyone and everyone you interact with… your family, friends, co-workers, colleagues, and customers.

The bigger the problem; the more valuable the solution that can be offered. It can be a tangible or intangible solution, just as long as it brings real or perceived value to another.

And value is determined by perception, not necessarily by reality. It’s not up to the solution-provider, but more so, the solution-seeker, to decide something’s inherent value.

It’s an important distinction that many get backwards.

Definitively know what you find, AND what others find value in, and then provide that value to those in your network who need it most.

Providing value to others upfront, produces your value to them on the back end. Win-win.

Stay tuned-in…

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