Fifty-Six (56)


It goes.

Very. Very. Fast…

There’s so much to do. And so much coming at us, seemingly all the time. Rarely do I feel “caught up”… know what I mean? And never feeling caught up or complete(ish) can be soul-crushing. I know, I’ve been there (and sometimes still am)…

So what’s important? Truly important? To make the most progress? Right here. Right now? It’s those things that should get prioritized, and given ample time to matter. But often they don’t, at least not for me. It’s not for a lack of want or contemplation. But that’s just it, it’s mostly just want and contemplation in favor of doing other things, at times. Diversions or distractions are embraced in favor of different priorities, or of being responsible. Big effort is put forth in favor of seeking the favor, and winning the approval of others. A reverse watershed moment if you will. This cycle causes a loss of hunger in my experience. A demoralizing dulling. That’s the fallout of the grind. You and I must change this, or this changes us.

It IS a choice. Make no mistake. As most things are…

Stay tuned-in…

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watershedThere’s nothing glamorous or appealing about a “starving artist.” Perhaps it’s attractive at some point; short-term, but never really appealing, long-term.

No one truly enjoys going without; struggling; just getting by; barely making it.

Only on television and in movies is this portrayed as desirable. These story lines and scripts are written by folks who are often already very comfortable in their lifestyle.

There comes a point when a person wants/needs to earn what they know/have proven they are worth. This may require shelving certain endeavors that may have been full of promise, but never fully materialized for whatever reason(s)… likely some combination of both internal and external factors.

Some may call this selling out. I would have when I was younger. But not today. Time + (my) experience = (my) wisdom.

This is a watershed moment…

The honest realization of where one’s personality best fits within any kind of income-producing endeavor is important and powerful. In addition to personality, one’s relative place in their life is also equally important.

It’s not enough to just “do what you love.” You have be able to do what you love while also managing the inevitable other (sucky) stuff that comes with it. For example, I love to speak, encourage, and inspire others. Always have… I used to think that travelling all around, speaking to different groups would be great. I finally made that happen, and guess what? It wasn’t great. It was just OK; sometimes less than OK. The speaking part was great, the travelling that came along with it wasn’t. When I was younger, this lifestyle would have been perfect for me. Not today… I like to be home with my family more than I don’t.

Depending on what point they’re at in their lives, some people need to work in a very structured, organized, often micro-managed environment. It suits their personality best. Some need to be primarily autonomous, totally self-employed, no overriding management except from themselves. Still others thrive in an environment that blends these two extremes.

So where does my personality best thrive at this point in my life?

I need the freedom to make my own destiny. But I also desire some amount of structure underneath this entrepreuerial spirit. Not sure exactly how that looks or works, but I’m willing to explore how to make it happen. This is the opposite of selling out. This is cashing in actually.

So, so long, long-suffering soul. I’ve seen that movie, and the ending is a disappointment…

Stay tuned-in…