Radio Show, Ready or Not

How the hell did I go from working as a DJ on a country music radio station, to getting my own rock ‘n roll-type talk radio show on the air in just a few months, and what’s to learn... Read More »
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Tom Leu on the Recovery Rockstars Podcast

Check out my appearance on the killer Recovery Rockstars podcast with host, Kevin Zurek from January 2019: Stay tuned-in…     Read More »
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Communication Trumps Qualifications

Communication skill-set: It's more important than any other technical skills that anyone may possess... Read More »
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79 Quality of life… that elusive little slice of heaven we’re all pining for. I’ve heard it said that taking the easy road gets progressively harder, while taking the hard road gets progressively easier. I’ve been finding this to... Read More »
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78 Core competencies. Any individual or organization that is not primarily focused on executing their core competencies is suffering significantly. Their effectiveness is compromised. Their productivity is diluted. We all need to be doing the stuff we’re best at... Read More »
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77 There’s lots of stuff out there on what leadership IS. Good stuff, but to truly understand sound matters, it’s also important to recognize contrasts. Here’s what leadership ISN’T: Leadership isn’t management. Leadership isn’t pretending you’re a leader. Leadership... Read More »
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76 Leave while you’re on top; quit while you’re ahead…? It can be sage advice, depending… You see and hear about this often from entertainers, actors, musicians, sports stars, and other high-profile types. But what about the average Joe’s?... Read More »
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Boozy Brunch

I love my streaming playlists. Listen to ‘em daily. We’ve all experienced how powerful music is to our lives. No matter your flavor, music’s power to influence how we feel, and transport us, even if only temporarily, can itself,... Read More »
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75 Instructions: Enjoy the journey. Live in the Now. Reduce discontentment by choosing to be happy where you’re at, and with what you’ve got. It’s a choice that we all have to make daily perhaps… at least I do.... Read More »
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74 We tend to get tunnel vision when we’re only thinking about ourselves. The big picture becomes impossible to see. Things eventually get real small and the pressure goes up. Ironically, it’s through service to others- the efforts that bring forth... Read More »
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73 Sometimes it’s hard not to… Hard not to look at the faults of others. Hard not to be disappointed. Hard not to be negative. Hard not to get pissed off. Hard not to get down, and not look down on the upside.... Read More »
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72 You and I don’t know many things. For instance: You never know who may be watching you; silently observing you. You never know who may think you’re great. You never know who may think you’re a tool. You... Read More »
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71 You shouldn’t need a fucking invite to be friendly and nice to others. << There’s irony right there… see it? Maybe I’m old fashioned. Maybe I took my mother’s expectation to treat people as I wish to be treated... Read More »
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70 Does it matter? Does any of it really matter? I guess that depends on what IT is… IT is anything that you spend significant amounts of your time on. IT is anything that you invest significant amounts of... Read More »
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69 How do you “come off” to others? What vibes do you send out? Ever really considered it? If not, you should.  These are simple questions that are often deceptively difficult to address objectively. A better question is how’s... Read More »
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