Forty-Seven (47)

Tom Leu

Narcissism vs. nobility? I’ve often struggled with the dichotomy of producing quality “work” – and the need to display that work publicly. I worry about the inherent narcissism that exists when one says ‘hey, look at me and my stuff, ain’t it great?’ It just seems so shallow, and self-serving sometimes. And perhaps it is to some extent.

The opposite of course, is the nobility of just doing great work and not putting it out there. But is it noble if no one ever knows about it? If no one is aware of this work? You risk becoming a nobody from nowhere. Isn’t this really just false humility if you still hope that someone, someday will find this work and regard it highly? It’s quite a silly back-and-forth honestly, but it’s one that’s been very real for me throughout my career. I’m hot and cold on this, often literally demonstrating this swing by going through periods of silence, to periods of frequent sharing of my work. If others, whose work I admire, didn’t put their out there, it’s arguable that I’d never know of them. And that would be a shame; a loss actually.

So, for that, I put my stuff out there in the hopes of not depriving someone, somewhere, someday, of benefitting, to whatever degree, from my work here, there, and everywhere. Thanks for reading. Share this if you dig this.

Stay tuned-in…

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