Seventy-Two (72)

You and I don’t know many things.

For instance: You never know who may be watching you; silently observing you.

You never know who may think you’re great. You never know who may think you’re a tool. You never know who you may be influencing positively or negatively. You never know who may be in a position of influence over you at some point in the future. You never know how this may impact your life now or later; more or less.

You and I may just never fully know some things…

So… it’s wise to recognize what your behavior is saying about you. It’s wise to consider how you make others feel. Because how you make others feel says a lot about you. It’s wise to pay attention to who may be paying attention to you. It’s wise to be self-aware enough to notice when others think you’re full of shit. It’s wise to stop pretending that you have all the answers. It’s wise to listen more, and talk less. It’s wise to own your own shortcomings (yes, you and I have them… many perhaps), and resolve to improve. It’s wise to show appreciation and respect to those who deserve it. It’s wise to be more humble and gracious.

It’s wise to consider applying wisdom vs. only acquiring knowledge.

It’s even more wise to do this daily… Right. Now.

Stay tuned-in…

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In the beginning of most relationships, personal or professional, the words spoken (and typed) are very significant. We need them, we review them, and evaluate them for their meaning as they apply to the new situation. We make decisions to move forward or not based on them. The relationship is ultimately defined by them; both the words we say (as well as how we say them), and can make or break things right from the start.

Over time however, the words spoken become less important than each other’s actions. It becomes evident that what is done, not necessarily what is said, is what’s most important. Timeliness and follow-through become critical to building and sustaining trust. And without some amount of trust, you have no “relationship.”

So be mindful not only of your words during the beginnings, but also of your all-important actions following the words on the back-end. Say what you do, but then DO what you say. Communication without consistency and reliability isn’t trustworthy, therefore not worth the words spewed. Word.

Stay tuned-in…