Tom Leu


In the beginning of most relationships, personal or professional, the words spoken (and typed) are very significant. We need them, we review them, and evaluate them for their meaning as they apply to the new situation. We make decisions to move forward or not based on them. The relationship is ultimately defined by them; both the words we say (as well as how we say them), and can make or break things right from the start.

Over time however, the words spoken become less important than each other’s actions. It becomes evident that what is done, not necessarily what is said, is what’s most important. Timeliness and follow-through become critical to building and sustaining trust. And without some amount of trust, you have no “relationship.”

So be mindful not only of your words during the beginnings, but also of your all-important actions following the words on the back-end. Say what you do, but then DO what you say. Communication without consistency and reliability isn’t trustworthy, therefore not worth the words spewed. Word.

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