Details. The devil is in them as they say… And I fucking hate managing details. I’m a big-picture personality. I envision large-scale ideas, creative concepts, and initiatives. This can be a big strength. But, I can get bogged down in the minutia of certain details required to achieve the bigger vision sometimes. This can be a weakness. And this is also honest.

I understand the importance of laying a strong foundation, ensuring accuracy, to cover your bases, to connect all the necessary dots to set yourself up for success, and to set yourself apart. I get it. I endorse it.

Some details are very important of course, but some are less so. Some are just busy work disguised as “quality control” that do little more but empower little people into feeling faux-powerful. When one’s life becomes about sweating the formatting of a form to file in a binder for example, then I’m looking forward to finding a new formula. I’m looking forward to finding a new vision. How about you?

Stay tuned-in…




The pursuit of original ideas is a noble one. I welcome coming up with clever new ways of doing things well. It’s serendipitious to uncover and discover novel ideas that spark imagination and encourage excellence.

But sometimes, the tried-and-true is the best idea. There’s a tendency at times to over-complicate and avoid simplicity. In the West, our highly individualized culture teaches us to recoil from conformity; to cringe at cliche; to run from the also-ran. Be different; be bold; buck convention. But, ideas and innovations that work should never be put out to pasture. We don’t always have to reinvent the wheel, or be the one in a million. We don’t always have to come up with the latest and greatest if the oldest yet boldest is still viable and valuable.

I’m all for innovation; but I’ll say ‘no’ to novel or new if it’s full of fluff or faux… of shit. Be willing to try new things, dare to move, break out of your comfort zone and explore the unexplored… but also be willing to allow for some space… for some distinctions… for some new (or old) perspective…

Stay tuned-in…