Fifty-Five (55)

Tom Leu

Details. The devil is in them as they say… And I fucking hate managing details. I’m a big-picture personality. I envision large-scale ideas, creative concepts, and initiatives. This can be a big strength. But, I can get bogged down in the minutia of certain details required to achieve the bigger vision sometimes. This can be a weakness. And this is also honest.

I understand the importance of laying a strong foundation, ensuring accuracy, to cover your bases, to connect all the necessary dots to set yourself up for success, and to set yourself apart. I get it. I endorse it.

Some details are very important of course, but some are less so. Some are just busy work disguised as “quality control” that do little more but empower little people into feeling faux-powerful. When one’s life becomes about sweating the formatting of a form to file in a binder for example, then I’m looking forward to finding a new formula. I’m looking forward to finding a new vision. How about you?

Stay tuned-in…

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