12 Managing or leading? A tired, over-communicated conversation really… But, one that keeps coming up because it’s so often mixed-up by so many.  So here’s my simple distinction between the two: MANAGING is ensuring others are doing what you need them to be doing for your reasons. LEADING is inspiring others to be doing whatContinue reading “Twelve”

Tool Time-Part 3

The Tool Time series embraces the RPM model of Communichology™ strategies. In the two previous Tool Time articles, I recommended embracing the 3R’s (Part 1) and the 3P’s (Part 2) to avoid being a “tool” much of the time. In this final installment, here now are the 3M’s: MANAGE your emotions. Pleeeeaaaasssseeee keep your emotions in-check and under control. I know youContinue reading “Tool Time-Part 3”