14 I’ve always been taught and believed that in the end, nice wins. My leadership and management style reflects this. I choose to interact with others in deliberate ways that entice them to want to buy-in to the greater goals I’m proposing, instead of forcing them to do so by being a dick. YES, there’s a timeContinue reading “Fourteen”


12 Managing or leading? A tired, over-communicated conversation really… But, one that keeps coming up because it’s so often mixed-up by so many.  So here’s my simple distinction between the two: MANAGING is ensuring others are doing what you need them to be doing for your reasons. LEADING is inspiring others to be doing whatContinue reading “Twelve”

The Bad News

Anyone who has ever “managed” other people has been there. This includes everyone from industry leaders to shift supervisors to soccer moms… Somebody drops the ball and you’re now the one who has to deliver the bad news… The “what” you have to do next is important. The “how” you choose to do it is even moreContinue reading “The Bad News”