Sure you look into it, but are you truly “seeing” what’s there? Some are subconsciously afraid of the mirror. Not for what they see, but for what they don’t want to see. It’s precisely this kind of pride-leveling that’s... Read More »
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Recovery from Recovery

“Recovery” can be a convoluted term at times. It shouldn’t be so complicated, but we’re dealing with human beings here… There are basically 2 different types of recovery in my experience: Recovery from the addiction(s) and/or substance abuse which... Read More »
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Reality is Perception

Many years ago, one of my mentors used to tell me that "the world is as you are, not as it is…" Read More »
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235″I don’t want to go there; I don’t want to talk about that…” I hear this quite a bit within the different aspects of my work. The frequency of this isn’t surprising, but the high price we pay for... Read More »
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3650… The number of days of continuous sobriety today, 12/17/12. The number of times I questioned my ability to really do this. The number of times addiction encumbered me. The number of times recovery from addiction empowered me. The... Read More »
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Despite what the world tries to tell us and sell us time and time again… Life can get better. People can change. People can recover. People can achieve happiness and contentment in life. People can improve their circumstances and... Read More »
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You know who they are… Those who make an exception not to be an asshole. Those who derive pleasure by causing other people pain. Those who stir shit up just for kicks. Those who COMPLAIN about everyone and everything, but do nothing... Read More »
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Drinking & Drumming

The rock and roll business is hard enough without being drunk enough to make it even harder on every starry-eyed kid with big ideas and even bigger dreams. Playing in rock bands for over twenty-five years has been the best of times, and the... Read More »
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