Tom Leu


I like the concept of the term “contrarian.” Always have… It basically means to be opposed to that of the majority. If in fact it proves worthy that the majority should be opposed as is so often the case.

Contrarians are critical thinkers. Through life experience, they’ve learned to be suspicious of the majority, because the majority is often suspect. Whatever in life is favored by “most” should be subjected to deeper scrutiny. Any and all “inerrant or universal truths” touted should be put to the test. To be contrarian is to insist on validation for any particular belief system, ideology, or approach. This isn’t negative; it’s positive because only better outcomes come from this type of healthy skepticism and proactive critical thinking.

To question; to care enough to challenge; to be willing to be educated, to be willing to be wrong; to insist on evidence of claimed knowledge… this is noble, this is good.

Stay tuned-in…


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