Seventy-Eight (78)

Tom Leu

Core competencies. Any individual or organization that is not primarily focused on executing their core competencies is suffering significantly. Their effectiveness is compromised. Their productivity is diluted.

We all need to be doing the stuff we’re best at doing, and little else, to maximize personal and professional growth.

We need to do this for ourselves as much as for whatever entity we’re working for, or with. As an organizational leader, I’ve always insisted on hiring and having 1) the right people, and 2) the right people in the right roles. Everyone understands the first part, but the second part is the big differentiator that often gets overlooked.

A lot of time and attention goes into recruiting the right people for jobs and career opportunities. People obviously need to be qualified with the proper education and experience mix to do certain jobs. But often, these good people get shoved into jobs that aren’t in their wheel house so-to-speak. They’re asked to do stuff that isn’t their core competency simply to fill a need quickly. This is a big, common mistake.

Put a person with talent into a role they’re capable of doing, but doesn’t match their core competencies, and you’re simply waiting for their eventual, and costly exit. Often at very inopportune times. But, put a person with talent AND passion for what they do into a role that makes a difference and means something to them personally >> and watch their engagement and productivity soar!


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