Seventy-Seven (77)

Tom Leu

There’s lots of stuff out there on what leadership IS. Good stuff, but to truly understand sound matters, it’s also important to recognize contrasts.

Here’s what leadership ISN’T:

  • Leadership isn’t management.
  • Leadership isn’t pretending you’re a leader.
  • Leadership isn’t shirking your responsibilities.
  • Leadership isn’t choosing to hide and coast.
  • Leadership isn’t about doing the bare minimum to get by.
  • Leadership isn’t bitching and moaning about the past.
  • Leadership isn’t being a victim.
  • Leadership isn’t placing blame.
  • Leadership isn’t making others feel bad or less than.
  • Leadership isn’t about power, but empowering.
  • Leadership isn’t the easy road.
  • Leadership isn’t always fun, good, and grand.
  • Leadership isn’t being comfortable.
  • Leadership isn’t the majority.

Legitimate leadership will spot all the isn’t in others very quickly and call your ass on it.

Leadership is no joke. And leadership isn’t words. Leadership is action.

Get moving.

Stay tuned-in…

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