Seventy-Four (74)

Tom Leu

We tend to get tunnel vision when we’re only thinking about ourselves. The big picture becomes impossible to see. Things eventually get real small and the pressure goes up. Ironically, it’s through service to others- the efforts that bring forth a greater good – the energy that positively affects others – that the self’s needs truly get met.

As life’s possibilities and passions begin to be realized, the world opens up, gets bigger, and the pressure goes down. Once things become more about others and less about ourselves, do things really begin to matter… more.

This is the only way to spend one’s life for maximum meaning to emerge. This pursuit of life’s purpose, and the hope of finding it, is the great obsession of many who desire to make a difference in the world. And to make a difference – to leave more than you taketo insist on contributing more than consuming – is the ultimate accomplishment… and the ultimate gift.

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