Seventy-Nine (79)

Quality of life… that elusive little slice of heaven we’re all pining for.

I’ve heard it said that taking the easy road gets progressively harder, while taking the hard road gets progressively easier.

I’ve been finding this to be true in my own life.

Enduring the varying quality of life levels during these journeys is the hardest part of all however. The perpetual ups and downs… Perseverance can be a real prick, you know? Things will always ebb, and things will always flow. But, if your quality of life is currently compromised through choices you’ve made, you only have yourself to blame.

Your getting there (in most cases), and staying there, are definitely choices. Letting others convince you otherwise is only choking your chances at real, lasting change. Choose something else; make a shiFt; go down a different road. No amount of money, prestige, power, pill, or any other temporary pleasure is worth a chronic lack of life quality.

Tick Tock.

Stay tuned-in…

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It goes.

Very. Very. Fast…

There’s so much to do. And so much coming at us, seemingly all the time. Rarely do I feel “caught up”… know what I mean? And never feeling caught up or complete(ish) can be soul-crushing. I know, I’ve been there (and sometimes still am)…

So what’s important? Truly important? To make the most progress? Right here. Right now? It’s those things that should get prioritized, and given ample time to matter. But often they don’t, at least not for me. It’s not for a lack of want or contemplation. But that’s just it, it’s mostly just want and contemplation in favor of doing other things, at times. Diversions or distractions are embraced in favor of different priorities, or of being responsible. Big effort is put forth in favor of seeking the favor, and winning the approval of others. A reverse watershed moment if you will. This cycle causes a loss of hunger in my experience. A demoralizing dulling. That’s the fallout of the grind. You and I must change this, or this changes us.

It IS a choice. Make no mistake. As most things are…

Stay tuned-in…




Bitching. Moaning. Whining. Complaining. It’s all some people seem to do. It’s their identity and their attention-seeking mechanism. They’re quick to point out what sucks, what doesn’t work, why it’s never worked, and who’s to blame. They’re easy to spot because their language is laced with self-pity. They’re seemingly incapable of NOT living in the past.

News flash: There’s no nobility in this. There’s no redeeming value in choosing this lifestyle. And make no mistake… it IS a choice. It’s so easy to point fingers. It’s so easy to cry foul. It’s so terribly easy to be a victim… which is why so many do.

As an organizational leader (and I argue that we are ALL leaders of something, somewhere), I’m looking for those who have the courage to go against the grain. Those who have the balls to step-up, and come up with real solutions to real problems. Those who aren’t afraid to be objective about their part in past failures, but who also aren’t afraid to embrace change and to be badass about making things better.

Screw the doom-and-gloomers and the dream-stealers. Be a solution-seeker, or get the hell out of the way. Do it for your sake, and for all of our sakes… for fuck’s sake.

Stay tuned-in…




Do things happen for a reason, or do reasons make things happen? Read it again. It’s not word play. It’s the difference between fatalism (i.e. powerlessness) and determinism (i.e. cause & effect). In psychology, it’s referred to as locus of control (and is divided into external vs. internal LOC).

Those who operate with a largely external locus of control seemingly surrender much of their outcomes to other people, places, and things around them and come off as victims. You know, it’s the boss, the spouse, the economy, the government’s fault for why things are as they are… But those who operate with a largely internal locus of control assume the primary responsibility for the outcomes of their lives as the product of the actions THEY take. It’s not someone, or something else’s “fault” for their circumstances or outcomes. I used to tell students in my Psychology classes: “if you get an A in this class, it’s your fault…” Win or lose, it’s on them. Far from victims, they are victors in the truest sense. This is how I’ve always chosen to live. And choosing the alternative is not really living at all. It’s not too late to make a different choice. It never is…

Stay tuned-in…


Taking Sides


It’s refreshing to hear from people who are more positive than negative.

Who are more “can do” than “cannot” focused.

Who are more solution-seeking rather than problem-perpetuating.

It’s encouraging to see those who are more upbeat rather than downtrodden.

Those who embrace learning and growing more than stagnating and complaining.

Those who step-up and step out of their comfort zones to contribute at high levels.

Those who believe in others and want to give more than they take.

Those who don’t fear, but recognize the need for change, those who desire to shiFt the status quo rather than just shitting on it…

Yes, this is refreshing, and RARE unfortunately. I seek those who demonstrate the former of all the above. Sometimes it IS necessary to take sides.

  • But which side you CHOOSE is less important than what you DO now, and next.
  • It’s not about left or right, but about forward vs. backward…

Agree or disagree; just no apathy.

Stay tuned-in…