Five (5)

Tom Leu

Do things happen for a reason, or do reasons make things happen? Read it again. It’s not word play. It’s the difference between fatalism (i.e. powerlessness) and determinism (i.e. cause & effect). In psychology, it’s referred to as locus of control (and is divided into external vs. internal LOC).

Those who operate with a largely external locus of control seemingly surrender much of their outcomes to other people, places, and things around them and come off as victims. You know, it’s the boss, the spouse, the economy, the government’s fault for why things are as they are… But those who operate with a largely internal locus of control assume the primary responsibility for the outcomes of their lives as the product of the actions THEY take. It’s not someone, or something else’s “fault” for their circumstances or outcomes. I used to tell students in my Psychology classes: “if you get an A in this class, it’s your fault…” Win or lose, it’s on them. Far from victims, they are victors in the truest sense. This is how I’ve always chosen to live. And choosing the alternative is not really living at all. It’s not too late to make a different choice. It never is…

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2 thoughts on “Five (5)

  1. There was a time when I blamed others for my circumstances, and I remember my mom sitting me down and telling me that it was time to consider the fact that maybe I was the one to blame. I was told that I have choices, every day, and it’s up to me how I am I going to live each day and spend my life. That was an eye opening conversation, and I believe the moment I became self aware.
    Now, I have a hard time with those who blame others for their circumstances, because they do have choice and sometimes all it takes is pointing it out to them. If the opportunity presents itself, I choose to enlighten that individual who is complaining by basically telling them what my mom told me years ago.

  2. Great example and demonstration on how anyone can not only change their own ways, but be a catalyst to assist others to make necessary and positive changes as well! Key word you use throughout here Corrie is CHOICE… thanks for weighing in. – Tom

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