Tom Leu on the The Journey Podcast

Tom’s appearance on The Journey podcast with host, Kevin Polky from May 2020: The Man Who Makes Sound Matter Pt. 1 “I have known Tom the majority of my life, close to 40 years. We played football together since middle school, lived together in college, were in each other’s wedding and now have had the opportunityContinue reading “Tom Leu on the The Journey Podcast”

CWT-6: Bathroom Books

Tom Leu: I love to read. Ricky Midway: I know you do. Or maybe it’s more accurate to say I love to learn. Perhaps… reading may just be a means to an end for you? Maybe. But that’s another conversation entirely. Tell me about these books of yours. Well, I have lots of books. LotsContinue reading “CWT-6: Bathroom Books”

CWT-5: Something to Prove

Ricky Midway: So why do you try so hard? Tom Leu: Is this a trick question? Are there hidden cameras nearby or something? Not at all. I’m serious… you seem so serious all the time with all you do. I’m genuinely wondering why you put SO much effort into your work?  First of all… I knowContinue reading “CWT-5: Something to Prove”

CWT-4: Pop Quiz

Ricky Midway: I want to give you a little test. Tom Leu: What kind of test? A pop quiz. I thought I was through with those things when I finished college? We’re never through being quizzed and tested in life… You speak the truth. So just tell me the first thing that comes to mindContinue reading “CWT-4: Pop Quiz”