71 You shouldn’t need a fucking invite to be friendly and nice to others. << There’s irony right there… see it? Maybe I’m old fashioned. Maybe I took my mother’s expectation to treat people as I wish to be treated to heart. You know, the Golden Rule? Maybe I believe in the value of others. EvenContinue reading “Seventy-One”


50 Fleeting. Everything is… Temporary and taken for granted. Most things are… This is a universal, and can be upsetting if you dwell on it. So, why do we take things for granted? Especially that, and those who are most important? The simple answer is because we get caught up in ourselves more than we don’t.Continue reading “Fifty”


14 I’ve always been taught and believed that in the end, nice wins. My leadership and management style reflects this. I choose to interact with others in deliberate ways that entice them to want to buy-in to the greater goals I’m proposing, instead of forcing them to do so by being a dick. YES, there’s a timeContinue reading “Fourteen”

CWT-3: Lust Kills

Ricky Midway: Catchy title. Tom Leu: Glad you like it. So are you going to be preaching about sexual indiscretion or something now? Nah… I don’t preach; I prefer to teach, and coach. There’s a big difference. Some think preaching and teaching are the same, but they’re practically opposites… they can actually be contradictions ofContinue reading “CWT-3: Lust Kills”

Nice Wins!

It’s not complicated. It’s not impossible. But it is an inside job. Being “nice” is a lost art among many. Too many believe this is an outdated, unnecessary, and useless way to live. I disagree. “But you’re not always ‘nice’ with what you write and talk shiFt™ about here Tom.” This is true. And theContinue reading “Nice Wins!”


You know who they are… Those who make an exception not to be an asshole. Those who derive pleasure by causing other people pain. Those who stir shit up just for kicks. Those who COMPLAIN about everyone and everything, but do nothing to CHANGE anything. Those who arrogantly believe that they’re always right, and the rest of us dumbasses areContinue reading “Ad-DICK-tion”