Fifty (50)

Tom Leu

Fleeting. Everything is…

Temporary and taken for granted. Most things are…

This is a universal, and can be upsetting if you dwell on it.

So, why do we take things for granted? Especially that, and those who are most important? The simple answer is because we get caught up in ourselves more than we don’t. We get tunnel vision about our own agendas, wants, and desires. Others then become secondary. Oh, we like to claim that we’re not selfish most of the time to make ourselves feel better, but that’s not really true. That’s not what the research says.

Truth is, most people don’t give two shits about most of what anyone else is doing. Most people’s primary focus is on themselves, first and foremost. While many claim to know this, most don’t apply this so-called common sense into their daily interactions. It requires heightened levels of objective self-awareness and social strategy skills.

I do an in-person and virtual talk called “Tuning Into WIIFM” where I discuss the communication strategies to apply to flip this process 180 degrees. I challenge audiences to meet others’ needs first, and then by doing so, their needs get met on back-end. Sounds simple, but is difficult to implement consistently. It requires ongoing awareness and diligence to the process. It becomes a choice… moment-to-moment literally.

Choose selflessness. It’s the nice thing to do, and it’s the right thing to do.

Stay tuned-in…

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