Tom Leu


I’m intrigued by deception… illusions… “magic” if you will, designed to entertain, educate, and to generally get people thinking about the boundaries of what’s real, unreal, possible, or impossible. To that end, I use principles of cognitive psychology, neuro-linguistic programming, and elements mentalism within my work here to illuminate and illustrate Principles of Communichology… again, I do this to challenge people, encourage critical thinking, and implore us all to make the necessary changes and cure whatever it is that’s ailing us (and we’ve all got stuff), to move toward higher levels of personal and professional growth.

But deception, in its negative form, always comes with a price tag. Sooner or later, visible or invisible, bigger or smaller, there’s always a price to pay for deceit… sometimes literally, sometimes only figuratively. And to clarify, I’m talking about the type of deception here that involves deliberately misleading others to their detriment. I could also be talking about the deception with oneself that involves the denial and avoidance of the very things worthy of your attention.

So arguably then, the highest price to pay for deception is the one to yourself. Deception is a dark debt you cannot personally outrun or hide from. It’s always there. Out in the open, unhidden to you, and for you, to forever see. The price is never worth it. Get out from underneath it. It’s never too late.

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