Seventy (70)

Tom Leu

Does it matter? Does any of it really matter? I guess that depends on what IT is…

IT is anything that you spend significant amounts of your time on.

IT is anything that you invest significant amounts of energy on.

IT is anything that you care about.

IT is anything that you’re passionate about.

IT is anything that you feel matters… (your “sound matters”)

I believe most of us ask ourselves this question at various times throughout our lives. And the answer is yes, IT does matter… but only when it matters to you.

The issue is when you’re spending enormous amounts of your precious time drowning in the details of shit that you really couldn’t give two shits about. That’s when IT doesn’t matter. I’ve found it to be a soul-sucking existence when the majority of my time has been spent building someone else’s dream, or bank account, or legacy. That’s when it’s time to get out. That’s when you need to go do what really matter to you. Those things you do that get you up in the morning, and keep you up at night. That stuff that’s not easy to do, but harder for you not to do.

You must do this sooner than later because time is of the essence.

Stay tuned-in…

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