Sixty-Eight (68)

Tom Leu

Does it matter to you if people “like” you?

Some say it does not matter whatsoever. These types are typically very outspoken about their non-caring which is very NOT non-caring. Of course we all know some assholes that we really do not give two shits if they like us or not because… we don’t like them. But that minority aside, most care about being likable, at least to some extent, in my experience.

But then there are those who live their entire lives attempting to please others around them. They do whatever it takes to find favor with those they deem important. They seek, and need the approval of others at the expense of their own self-worth and self-concept very often.

Sure, it’s good to be likable, but not when it requires you to compromise your own integrity or value. There’s a fine line between being likable and being spineless. There’s also a fine line between being diplomatic and being a dick. Nobody gets it right 100% of the time, but it’s those who care enough to pay attention and improve their communication skills in this area that are the true movers and shakers.

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